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New Delhi: Fear factor may play an Important role. The most awaited Bihar

Assembly Election 2020 is here. 71 constituencies are going to polls today. All

political big wigs including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have campaigned in

full swing. BJP and JDU with VIP and HAM are contesting under NDA banner

while RJD and Congress with Communists allies are part of UPA. LJP of Chirag

Paswan is contesting independently. Nitish Kumar is the face of Chief Minister

from NDA while Tejashwi is of UPA. The campaigning as usual has gone to

lowest with every leader attacking each other with emphasis on non-performance.

NDA’s main focus is “Jungle Raj” rule of RJD under Lalu Yadav while UPA is

attacking Nitish Kumar for unemployment, mishandling of immigrant labours and

all-round corruption in implementation of “7 Nishchay” programmes.

Fear Factor had played role earlier too

Nitish Kumar and JDU is reminding people of Jungle Raj and Maoist resurrection

if UPA returns to power. Fear of Maoist violence and Jungle Raj frenzy is still in

the minds of those who have witnessed it during that period. Outlaws were

breaking rules with impunity. Kidnapping for ransom and killings were at free

will. Various programmes and policies under Nitish Kumar’s 15 years rule have

curbed all menaces prevailing during Lalu-Rabri Raj. Its “Sarkar Apke Dwar”

programme in line with Integrated Action Plan of Centre for infrastructure

development in Maoist effected districts is one such programme to curb left

extremism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his public rallies also warned

people not to vote UPA else the nightmare will return when people were afraid to

move out after 8 pm. They considered it safe to stay at railway platforms in the

night rather than go to their places. The criminal- politician nexus in the State

before 2005 was pervasive in Bihar. It is completely changed today. People are

moving out fearlessly with markets and businesses flourishing.

Tejeshwi Yadav is continuously attacking government

Tejashwi Yadav on the other hand is pointing Nitish Kumar government’s failure

on all fronts. It is highlighting unemployment, poor handling of the plight of

immigrant labours during Corona pandemic, corruption in all government

programmes and also ditching partners to remain in power. Jitan Ram Manjhi’s

dethroning from Chief Ministership after his return from political sansyas and

ditching RJD after forming government with its support in 2015 with RJD to go

back to BJP are cases on point. The rhetoric of Jungle Raj is to misguide people

of Bihar.

While NDA is trying to regain power by instilling fear by recalling Lalu-Rabri

dark days of governance vis a vis “Sushasan (good governance)”, it remains to be

seen whether this strategy will work especially when around 22% voters were

born after 2000 and have not witnessed that period and have no memory of it

either. The simmering discontent and anti-incumbency against Nitish Kumar are

also very important factors in this election.


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