Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
Vitamin D reduces the risk of corona crisis and death
  • Sun’s heat and light reduces Virus impact

  • Boston University scientists are doing research

  • This research was done on 8 hospitalized corona patients

  • In addition to Vitamin D, research on genetic disorders

Ranchi: Vitamin D has thepower to reduce the Corona Virus deadly attack. It is

again known about vitamin D that its abundance reduces the risk of people

suffering from coronation and death during corona. Many researchers had

indicated about this earlier also. Earlier it was hoped that due to the general

scientific structure, corona or any such virus becomes weak after exposure to

sunlight. Now further research data has been made public. In an article published

in the leading scientific journal Plos One, information about scientific facts is

given about it. It analyzes coronary patients hospitalized based on their physical

condition and vitamin D availability. It has been reported that the patients who

were not deficient in vitamins had very little trouble, but the patients who were

deficient in vitamin D had much more problems. According to the measure of

vitamin D content, the patients in whom it was 30 ng / ml were lower than others.

Other patients in the same condition, who were deficient in vitamin D, went

through a lot of pain and some died. Scientists associated with research believe

that the effects of sun rays have many positive effects in our body. With this, the

level of c-reactive protein remains fine and at the same time the quantity of

lymphocytes in the blood remains high. This keeps the body’s immune system

functioning in a better way. On this basis, scientists are associating the decreasing

effect of corona with sun rays.

Vitamin D is related with many actions inside human body

Scientists have found under research that those who are deficient in Vitamin D in

their body have many problems. In particular, a cytokine storm-like condition

inside the body, in which several types of protins are formed simultaneously,

troubles the patient and in many cases it results in death. Scientist Michael F.

Hallick of Boston University of America has concluded this in his management.

As part of the research, in-depth analysis of 235 patients suffering from corona

infection in the hospital was done. The data for all internal conditions of those

patients were analyzed in a sequential manner. Many of these had extreme

problems with corona infection. Analysis of the data on the c-reactive proteins

and lymphocytes inside their blood has led to a team of researchers. From this, it

was found that those who had enough vitamin D had much less difficulty than

other patients. That is, the effect of this virus has reduced on those who are under

the influence of sun rays. It has been revealed again that the virus starts losing the

protection cover of its protein layer due to the heat of the sun. When the protein

shell is melted by heat, the virus inside itself becomes weak. According to the

data given after this research, the risk of death of patients who had vitamin D in

their body was reduced by more than fifty percent. On this basis, scientists have

come to the conclusion that due to vitamin D from the sun rays, all these changes

are taking place inside the body, which provide immunity to the patients to fight

the corona virus.

Genetic disorder is also a factor in Corona infection

Apart from this, another research has found that the corona virus attack is

comparatively more rapid on the young and the young people who are suffering

from vitamin D deficiency. But even after the effect of corona is similar, different

effect on different patient depends on the genetic structure of the person

concerned. This genetic structure is all different. In some cases, it has also been

observed that naturally occurring immensities within the body also attack the

immunity of the body due to genetic disturbances leaving the virus. For this, 17

proteins have also been identified, which are mainly responsible for this.


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