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Everyone is naked in this Spa when it comes to Honesty

  • Asaduddin Owaisi meeting gets support at Bhagalpur

  • He charges people present with his arguments

Deepak Naurangi

Bhagalpur: Everyone is naked in this Spa. Do not make the mistake of

understanding that Congress and BJP are different. This is the statement of

Asaduddin Owaisi , who was addressing an election rally in Bhagalpur today in

support of RLSP candidate Syed Shah Ali Sajjad. It can be assumed that the

presence of Mr. Shah in the electoral air in Bhagalpur can give a big boost to the

crowd and the enthusiasm of the crowd present in this rally.

See what he said in this half hour video

Weighing all political parties on one scale, Mr. Owaisi said that if there is any

most worst among them, it is the Congress party. It is the failure of the Congress

party that today Narendra Modi is sitting on the throne of Delhi. Congress cannot

belong to anyone. He only means by his own benefit. Therefore, people and

especially minorities should not fall into this trap. He said that he himself has

been with the Congress in the UPA for many years. Therefore, they are well

aware that Congress is a self-styled party.

Taking aim at RJD, he said that in this Spa, do not make the mistake of

understanding someone different. He clearly stated that the RJD got the support of

the minorities only after being disenchanted with the Congress. As a result, in

Bihar, there was talk of MY ie Muslim and Yadav equations. But when the riots in

Bhagalpur were killed innocently, where was this equation? The RJD did not act

on it because their people were involved in the riots. The public and especially the

people of Akalit then supported Nitish Kumar. But remember also the actions of

Nitish Kumar that the officer who was guilty of Bhagalpur riots, it was made by

the government of Nitish as DGP. Therefore, be sure that in this Spa of politics,

everyone is the same bare face.

Everyone must be judged by their activities

Mr. Owaisi said that the BJP is riding two horses right now. Nitish Kumar is on

one side and Chirag Paswan on the other side. But in fact, the BJP’s effort is to

make any of its RSS leaders the Chief Minister of Bihar in the midst of this fight.

So everyone should unite on this issue. If this solidarity continues, there is no

reason why the victory of Syed Ali Shah Sajjad from Bhagalpur is not confirmed.

After the conclusion of this public meeting, many people formally and informally

accepted that the public meeting of Asaduddin Owaisi is going to have an impact

at least on the seat of Bhagalpur Assembly. People believed that this crowd is the

deciding voter. The manner in which the enthusiasm and support has been

expressed in the crowd on hearing the things spoken in the rally is clear that a

large section of the electorate stands firmly in favor of Syed Ali Shah Sajjad.


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