Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
Another important achievement towards Blindness eradication
  • Succeeded to recreate the vein

  • Gene Therapy rejuvenates dead veins

  • Glaucoma is the major cause of blindness in the world

  • Special proteins make the veins active again

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Another important experiment is successful now. In the recent days in

the direction of eliminating blindness, a lot of information is coming successively

for  the optic nerve too. With this success, it is believed that this method will be

helpful in removing the blindness caused by glaucoma. Anyway, this is a major

cause of blindness in the world, the disease of glaucoma itself. By the way, after

the success of the gene therapy, new information can come in the coming days in

the direction of repairing other nerves of the body as well. It is also expected to

bring revolutionary changes in the medical world.

The central nervous system of the human body, does not recover again if it is

damaged for some reason. Many times they are also harmed due to different types

of diseases. Till now, in the medical world only treatment was done that the part

that has been damaged did not spread to other parts of this CNS. But now there

have been many successes one by one in the direction of doing so continuously

with gene therapy. Scientists have succeeded in making the vein damaged by

glaucoma active again. It has been reported in the published dissertation that a

protein named Protrudin can do this work. This can result in the regeneration of

nerve cells. Scientists at the John van Geist Brain Repair Center of Cambridge

University have worked on it. The team consisted of Dr. Richard Eva, Professor

Keith Martin and Professor James Fawcett.

Another Important solution to many problems

These people have developed a method of culture of a cell and to prepare the

brain cell a new. With this help, it has been successful in increasing the activation

of the optic nerve. Scientists have found that as the activation of protrudin

increased, the regeneration activity of these cells also increased.

The retinal ganglion cells inside the retina, the pupil of the eye, which does the

real work of seeing, also activate the pathways associated with this central

nervous system. Due to this glaucoma, the signals could not reach the brain, they

became active again and the blindness went away. In order to understand this

process better, these research scientists have also succeeded in renewing the

activation of this protein through gene therapy. According to the research, the

activities of reviving a patient’s eye after the optic vein were damaged were also

considered. That is, these nerves again started functioning properly. Later it was

also seen that retinal ganglion cells, which had stopped functioning, have also

become active.

Because of this achievement, it is now believed that this method of gene therapy

is now going to give new power to those who are suffering from blindness due to

glaucoma. Glaucoma disease is the second largest cause of blindness in this

world. Now it can be removed from Jean Therapy. One in every fifty people in

the UK after forty years of age have this problem. Due to incorrect pressure of the

veins of the eye, these nerves slowly get damaged. Ten percent of people have

this problem in old age. Therefore, this gene therapy method is considered very


This is going to play a major role in future

Dr. Veselina Petrova of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the University

of Cambridge believes that glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Therefore, this method can now play an important role in eliminating the

blindness caused by this disease, considered as another important achievement.


By rkhabar

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