Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
Dung beetle has unexpected strength in its outer cover
  • Help to build next generation airplanes and buildings

  • Withstands 39 thousand times more pressure

  • Cover made of lot of fine fibers only

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Dung beetle is now under serious scientific consideration. It get attention

due to its pressure bearing power. After discovering this strength, this feature of

the outer covering of his body is being studied specifically. This feature of the

Dung beetle was discovered when he was still alive after a car passed over it. 

Scientists were surprised to see this. Then, by examining the outer covering of

its body, this secret was found out.

Civil engineer Pablo Jhawattieri of Purday University associated with this from

the very early stage of this research said that the results are showing that the outer

covering of this worm is much tighter and stronger than expected. In fact, even

after a large vehicle like a Toyota Camry passed over this Dung beetle, its cover

was checked after being informed that it was alive and well.

The Dung beetle that was examined is an inch long creature. It is commonly

found in the forests of South California in the United States. When he survived

even after being hit by a car, his cover was examined. After preparing its structure

by examination and computer model, it was found that it can withstand 39

thousand times more pressure than its weight. The pressure of more than that

breaks the shell of his body.

Dung beetle shell withstands 39 thousand times pressure

David Kisloos of the University of California said that in fact, the outer cover of

this Dung beetle has extra armor on both sides. When there is pressure on it, it is

the outer shell that protects it. According to scientists, this worm is also strange

because another texture or structure acts as its shell even outside the texture inside

its body. When a pressure falls on it, the natural response of the Dung beetle is to

activate the outer shell and protect itself.

After finding this out, the structure of the outer cover of this Dung beetle is being

investigated. This worm hides itself inside the shell of the outer cover and

remains as soon as external pressure is applied. After discovering its anatomical

structure, the research team had artificially created this outer cover. Its structure is

such that it becomes stronger as the pressure increases.

In an attempt to understand this also, it was found that this is actually a flexible

cover and shrinks after applying the above pressure. As it shrinks, its strength

increases. Now the scientist wants to make a material similar to the outer shell of

this Dung beetle in future. If this material is successfully made, its use from

airplanes to multi-storey buildings will give great strength. Even before this,

modern science has shown the way to create something new based on the

substances and organisms found in nature in its development.

Imitation of its structure will enable stronger equipment

Earlier, the work of preparing a bullet-proof jacket structure from the fish shell of

a particular species found in the Amazon River is already underway. Now if the

material of the structure like the outer shell of this Dung beetle was made, then it

would surely be able to give every item made by it several thousand times more

strength than the present. Where or the devices which cause damage by a strong

shock, they will also be better protected by covering such shell because it is not

too heavy even after being very strong. In such a situation, researchers are now

tracing everything present inside this outer shell so that on the same basis, such a

material can be prepared which is very strong and can withstand shock. This shell

has also been examined with a high-capacity microscope and it has been found

that if this structure is like a mesh, then it joins and shrinks under pressure.

Researchers have also printed it on 3D technology. This group of nets made of

fine fibers fails every jolt due to its structure.


By rkhabar

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