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Its wings were with spread of twenty feet

  • Their population was 40-50 million years ago

  • The giant bird inhabited the Antarctica area

  • It also had strong teeth with long beaks

  • They also vanished with dinosaur era

Rashtriya  Khabar

Ranchi: Its wings were vast. The result of ongoing research on ancient remains

has now been found. The wings of this bird of the ancient earth used to be about

six meters or twenty feet. Currently, the spread of the birds of the albatross

species is about eleven and a half feet. Research on the remains of fossils is

believed that birds of this species lived on this earth about 40 to 50 million years

ago. Which become extinct in a period of gradual development . The bird of this

species is scientifically named Pelangornithid. It was a resident of the area of ​​

Antarctica. Two of his fossils met in 1980. Since then research based on these

remains was underway. Researchers have correctly defined its leg bone and

lower jaw. Only then researchers from the University of California were adding

links to it one by one. In between, this work was stopped due to some reasons.

But five years ago, Peter Klose started working with his team again. When he

started work, he was a student and the museum people there used to call him a

museum mouse who was always hovering there. In this effort, Klaus, along with

Ashley Poust of San Diego, discovered those things that had previously been left

out of the eyes of researchers for some reason. By the way the Chinese Academy

of Beijing was involved in this work. Thomas Stidham also supported him.

Its wings was established through secondary research

The result of this renewed effort was that they were able to find this bird of new

species of ancient times on the basis of this fossils. This bird, which settled in the

area of ​​Antarctica in ancient times, was also huge in size. Another ancient bird of

this size has already been discovered, named Pelanggornis sanderacei. Its wings

also used to span 23-24 feet.

Now after knowing everything, it has been speculated that this bird was also quite

heavy due to its size. Its weight used to be around five hundred kilos. The wings

of the flying petrosorus of the dinosaur species have been reported to be up to 33

feet. The result of this research is also that this species of birds also ended on its

own very soon after the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth.

It also became extinct around dinosaurs era

It may be that this species could not withstand the change in the Earth due to the

meteorite which had killed the dinosaurs in an instant. After renovating his

anatomy, it is found that his skull was about two feet long. But the result of this

research is also that the weather in Antarctica was not as yet. It was a hot area and

surrounded by seas. For this reason, these giant birds also roamed in the sea. So

they had no problem getting food from land or sea. With their wings, they could

fly long distances with great ease. It was also easy for him to catch prey with his

long beak. The shape of his jaw suggests that he had teeth about an inch long that

helped him turn prey into food.

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