Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Many traces of life still exist in the atmosphere there at Mars
  • Remains of life on Mars in its depth
  • Analysis of computer models showed
  • Evidence exists in the depths of this planet
  • A lot changed with the great explosion of the sun
Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Many Traces of life are present on Mars. Even though there is no life

there yet, scientific evidence shows that all the conditions of life were ever

present there. But whether there was life or not, it has not been scientifically

proven yet. After putting all the data there on the computer model, when they

were analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence, the same result is

revealed. There have been indications of green house gas, carbon dioxide, and

conditions for heat and water generation mean Many traces  of life over there.

If it had been like this in ancient times, then there must have been all the

conditions of life there and it may be that life on Mars has also been present in

one way or the other. But in present-day research, there is no indication of life


A dissertation about this entire research has been published in a journal called

Science Advances. It also outlines in detail the changes on the atmosphere and

surface. Lujendra Ojha has given detailed information about this by taking the

face of this dissertation. He is an assistant professor at Rutgers University. He

said that with the help of his colleagues, it has been concluded that all the

conditions of underground heat existed on this planet in ancient times is also

among Many traces  of life. According to their estimates, all this is some four

billion years ago. During that time, the temperature of the sun was also much

lower than now. Perhaps this is the reason why there was snow at the ends of

Mars because of the low heat. Heat and humidity were also present in the

remaining areas.

Many traces of life may be 4 billion years old

Scientists have reached this conclusion based on the analysis of data from the

spacecraft engaged in the research of that planet. The time this research is

referring to is called Noachian period in the period of solar world. This period

lasted from 4.1 billion years to 3.7 billion years. During this time, scientists are

trying to look into what was there in the depthof the land.

New achievements in the search have been found due to NASA’s lander

landing there. This lander landed there in November 2018. Since then, the

vehicle has been continuously sending its figures to the control room.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that signs of life on Mars may be

present at a depth of several miles. To understand this, scientists have also

prepared a possible map, which shows the internal structure of Mars. Actually,

this internal structure has gone down due to freezing of ice. For this reason, it

is believed that all the evidence of life is buried in the depths there. By the way,

if there are really signs of life there, then the whole solar system was probably

of some other structure earlier, questions are being raised on this too.

There was also a great explosion in the sun

Scientific research has already confirmed that there was a big explosion like

this in the solar system. The impact of that same blast had spread throughout

the solar system. Due to this, there have been many changes in the solar

system. Now in the new research, the information about having sufficient

amount of water in Mars has been revealed. Due to water, there will be

conditions worth living there. However, due to the radiation of the Sun, there

were many changes in our entire solar system. Many things have also changed

due to the variety of radioactivity. However, due to this new research, it is

believed that perhaps the structure of the entire solar system and the

conditions of the planets and satellites present here would have been different

in very ancient times. More data analysis is still going on.

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