Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Different types of radiation are going on in the sun
  • Scientists constantly monitored during lockdown

  • The 82-year-old theory can now be validated

  • In this experiment, energy was also detected

  • New information amidst Solar lockdown

Ranchi: Different types of radiation are going on in the Sun. After the

lockdown on the Sun, scientists monitoring it have understood this process.

About 82 years ago, it was told that there is also a different reaction to the

chemical process of radiation prevailing in high temperature there. This time

it is being seen happening. Under this, the protons in the sun are not melting

but reacting with hilium to form carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. It is called the

CNO cycle in the scientific definition. It has also been able to define very fine

particle neutrins, which are going to prove to be important in the direction of

space research in the future.

It is already known that the production of energy in the sun is due to nuclear

fusion due to molecular explosion. In this the hydrodon is changed to hilium.

99 percent of its fusion is caused by a chemical reaction occurring directly at

the proton level. But in the year 1938, the physicists Hans Bethe and Karl

Friedrich van Weisker theorized that there could be some other reason behind

this because it is not possible to produce so much energy only from the

reaction at the level of protons. Now that theory is being proved right. Under

this, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen are involved in this chemical reaction in the

CNO cycle.

Different types of phenomena in the sun 

Everything that is happening there about this different chemical reaction in

the Sun is not only being seen with the astronomy telescope, but those data are

also being continuously analyzed. Scientists estimate that up to 17 kilo volts of

energy is being generated from this reaction at the level of neutrinos. An

experiment has also been done in Gran Sasso laboratory about this. In this,

molecular reactions were investigated with a neutrino detector placed inside

the ground. This detector, placed inside the ground, was surrounded by solid

stone and a tank of liquids placed on several levels, in addition to a cover made

of thick steel sheet. 278 tonnes of organic liquid were placed inside the tank of

this detector. When this reaction took place there, energy was also produced

there. It was also recorded by the light emanating from it. But the real thing

was that in this process 720 lakh CNOs were produced at the rate of neutrinos

per second and square centimeters. It can be understood that what is the real

secret of intense heat and excessive energy in the sun. Apart from normal

radiation, the production of energy is also being sustained from this reaction

at the level of neutrinos. Now scientists are speculating that the energy of

more than a moment of artificial experimentation is reaching continuously

from the sun to the earth and continuously throughout the region. This is also

the main secret to feel the heat of the Sun on Earth. A research team from the

University of Milan is working on it.

This research on energy is helpful in space travel

In fact, since the shadow of the lockdown on the Sun, modern science has been

studying more deeply on all the developments there. Remember that to get

more information about the Sun, a NASA solar probe Parker Solar Prob is

moving in that direction. It has also revealed the reverse rain of plasma rays

occurring in the sun. Let us know that this rain of plasma rays is over several

lakh kilometers above the sun and falls back on the sun itself. It has also been

recorded. Now, along with the reaction happening at the level of neutrinos, the

scientists want to understand the chemical reactions that are happening there.

One of its objectives is to understand in detail the various events that occur

during the change in the form of energy. Knowing this, it is expected to get

better results in future remote space missions.

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