Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
Myanmar's Arakan army is getting help from ISI Army intellegence report

Dhaka: Myanmar’s Arakan Army is now getting help from Pakistan’s

intelligence agency ISI. This agency of Pakistan is behind the there in the

name of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, it’s not only Bangladesh but Indian

security agencies are also aware of it. For this reason, now both countries have

jointly prepared an action plan to jointly campaign against this type of

terrorist activities. The Rohingya refugee camps set up in Bangladesh’s Coxs

bazar area were being monitored after getting initial reports of drug and drug

trade. After discovering the involvement of invisible forces in this business, its

wires were found to be associated with the Arakan army of Myanmar. On the

other hand, the link of investigation into a terrorist attack in Dhaka was also

connected here. It was learned that the JMB, a banned terrorist organization

in Bangladesh, had trained 40 Rohingya youths there for this type of terrorist

operations. Wires of a terrorist attack in 2016 were linked to it. Now for the

first time it has been confirmed that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is also

behind these terrorist organizations. It is sending money here with the help of

mask organizations from other countries and also providing arms through

other means. The ISI has now changed its strategy due to India’s extremely

strict attitude on the Kashmir border. On the other hand, he is active in

Afghanistan in the same way, it has been confirmed by the activities of the

Arakan army in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Arakan army is on B’desh radar

Rohingya refugees who fled there due to the tyranny of the government and

military in Myanmar have been given a place to stay, but now Bangladesh

security agencies are also constantly monitoring these refugee camps after the

terrorist organizations have entered there. India also launched its new nation

in Bangladesh Vikram Doraiswami is sent as an angel. He succeeds former

Ambassador Rewa Ganguly Das. In addition, Bangladesh is working on nine

transport plans with North East India. India is using many ports of

Bangladesh. Therefore, the Indo Bangladesh relation has been growing since

the liberation struggle of 1971, there is no hope of weakening from these

conspiracies. However, in the name of the Arakam army, active terrorist

organizations are carrying out continuous attacks in Myanmar. Even in the

Corona era, in May 2020, an army colonel and a policeman were injured in the

attack of the same terrorist organization. Many schools there were also

attacked by this terrorist organization. Myanmar’s army, called Tatmaddeo, is

very cautious about this terrorist organization.

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