Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021
In few lakh years, the entire land will be one again
  • Scientists draw new conclusions from the new data

  • Even in ancient times all the land was the same

  • Mountains and rivers will change significantly

  • It will make a new mega continent there after

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: In few lakh years all the continents of Earth will join together. A

period of continuous upheaval is going on inside the earth i.e. in the womb of

the earth. Whenever a cover of the depth of the earth breaks due to this

movement, we suffer the consequences of earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Even after this, we still do not realize what is actually changing inside. Now

scientists have come to a conclusion after continuous research on it. The basic

summary of this conclusion is that after ten lakhs (million) of years, the whole

earth will become one again, that is, this whole area divided into different

continents will remain as a land. By the way, it was the same in ancient times

and in different periods it has been broken and developed on different

technical plates. Many of these technonic plates are sunken beneath each

other. Some still have a condition of continuous rubbing. Now computer

models predict that the Earth’s terrain is again returning to its ancient state.

For this reason, it is estimated that after several lakh years this entire land will

be connected to each other again. However, there will be many changes in the

upper structure of the earth in this sequence. Many huge mountain ranges will

change their shape during this conflict. New mountain ranges will also rise in

some places. On the other hand, due to this reason, the shape of the sea spread

around the entire earth will also change and many seas will become one by

one. But it is going to take several lakhs or ten lakhs of years to get this work

done. By the way, it is clear that this is a continuous process and even today,

this work continues beyond our understanding.

In few lakh years geography will change

According to the model that scientists have prepared for this, all the

continents are gradually moving towards the northern part of the Earth. It is

in this Northern Hemisphere that all the continents finally come together. On

the other hand, perhaps Antarctica alone will be left alone at the other end

during that time. This process may also vary slightly according to estimation.

In this situation, all these continents will come together in the middle of both

hemispheres and collect and create a new terrain, in which all the continents

will be connected to each other. In both these circumstances, there will be a

re-creation of ice age on earth and this ice age will be many millions of years as


It is already known to people that the present continent of the Earth is not in

the shape it was in ancient times. According to scientific facts, about three

billion years ago, they were united in the midst of several rounds of upheaval

and later broke apart. Michelle Vey, chief scientist at NASA’s Goddard

Institute for Space Studies, was the leader of this research team. He has also

underlined the changes in his research from the Panjia period till now.

Few continents were together in ancient period

Today’s Africa, North America, South America were together in the Pangea

period. But even before this Pangea period there was a huge continent, which

scientists call Rodinia and before Rodinia period there was Nuna territory

which after breaking up as the original terrain has been broken into different

periods. In another research, Africa and Europe are united by the possibility of

the formation of the Americas continent or the United States and Asia.

Scientists also estimate that in reaching this future time, the speed of rotation

of the earth will also change slightly. It is known that even at present, the

speed of its rotation is decreasing than before. Therefore, after several lakh

years, it will probably be slower and due to the decrease of this speed, the

continents divided into different sections will start coming closer to each

other. During this period, the time limit of the day on Earth will be more than

half an hour and the effect of light falling from the sun will also be slightly

higher than now. Research between all of these also concludes that the Earth’s

temperature will decrease by 7.2 degrees F on average during this period.

More glaciers will form on the summit of the mountains of that period, which

will also completely change the current structure of water flow in the earth. It

is possible that many huge rivers of the earth will also lose their existence in

this change.

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