terrorists activities

Airstrikes in Libya killed seventeen IS militants

Tripoli: Airstrikes in Libya have occurred again. Airstrikes in southwestern Libya killed 17 Islamic State (IS) militants. The US Africa… Read More

2 weeks ago

Enforcement Directorate confiscated about 2.89 crore of Naxalites

Department has already fallen on many big names Levy money collected from many sources Their relatives are also under investigation… Read More

4 weeks ago

Masih Charan purti a notorious naxal is now fan of narendra modi

Real responsibility to wipe the tears of all grieving families Was known to be a gurrila fighter of maoists army… Read More

1 month ago

Pakistan put On Terrorism Blacklist By Watchdog FATF’s Asia Pacific Division

NEW DELHI: Pakistan has been blacklisted for its terror funding activities. It was put in an "enhanced blacklist" by global… Read More

2 months ago

New Zealand government is taking back all automatic weapons

New rule imposed after mosque firing 250 weapons centers opened throughout the country Prohibition of such automatic weapons of every… Read More

3 months ago

Naxal attack at chandwa railway siding but not officially confirmed

Ranchi: Naxal attack has been reported again. This attack took place at Chandwa's tori railway siding. But this has not… Read More

3 months ago

Two Maoists were killed at Balaghat forest in encounter

Balaghat: Two Maoists, including a woman, have been killed in an encounter in the forest of Balaghat district. Balaghat Police… Read More

3 months ago

After the naxal attack the kukru hat remained deserted

Chandil: After the Naxal attack, the weekly market of Kukru remained completely deserted. On last Friday, the Maoists had killed… Read More

4 months ago

Naxal organization took responsibility for killing Omi Chaudhary

He was murdered at day light on 20th June Police recovered one pistol from a well Conspiracy to mislead probe:… Read More

4 months ago

India and Myanmar’s army joint operation against rebels

Bhupen Goswami Guwahati: India and Myanmar's army has also started the joint operation against the rebels of the North East.… Read More

4 months ago