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Sea bed creates Pure diamond in Natural environment

  • Australian researchers investigated the process

  • Extensive examination of the diamond concludes


New Delhi: Sea bed is the natural factory for creating most pure diamonds.

In the depths of the sea, nature has kept some of the same conditions, from where carbon itself is transformed into a diamond.

Many famous diamonds of the world have actually been brought from sea bed, not from diamond mine.

This is the ocean floor just above the structure inside the earth.

The deeper areas in this area are worth the structure of diamonds.



These labels have created all the conditions in the laboratory, which is in that depth of sea bed.

After studying this situation, they have come to the conclusion that the depth of the ocean can create diamonds.

In the laboratory, the temperature and pressure of depth of about two hundred kilometers was prepared from the surface for this.

This situation is absolutely worth making diamond.

Information about this research is given in a scientific journal.

It is said that the situation inside the ocean and the salination of it is worth the effort to produce a diamond.

The salt in the water itself makes diamonds worth crafting.

The thought of this research was actually originated from scientific investigations of diamonds.

During the chemical investigation of several major diamonds, it was suggested that the saline molecules inside the diamond are actually produced from the sea water.

This possibility was not even tested before.

Professor of the University of Macquarie says that this theory has been confirmed by research and experimentation.

Explaining the entire research, he said that the carbon which is naturally present in the depths of the Earth is very ancient to the inner end of the Earth.


Occasionally such carbon also comes out through volcanic eruptions.

Many times the lava coming out of the volcano is found in kinberlight, which is a type of carbon.

Researchers have studied a lot about the structure of the diamond.

After which they arrived at the conclusion that pure diamonds are actually crystalline forms of ancient carbon.

It can be prepared due to high heat and severe pressure in the Earth’s depth.

On the other hand, the common diamond is not as clean and it works for the behavior of ornaments.

There are also parts of sodium.

In the investigation, such pieces of potassium and other minerals were found besides sodium in such diamonds.

This is to know which diamond is prepared in which environment.

Diamonds used in jewelery are ready in a short time, while it takes a lot of time to become a real diamond.

The water content in which they exist is found in it, only by their investigation it is known that this is actually the salt water of the sea bed.

That is, the process of becoming a diamond on the ocean floor.

The scientist believes that if the depth of the ocean and in the depth of two hundred kilometers is seen in such situation, then it is worth making the diamond. It can also occur between two tectonic plates of the Earth.

In this environment, pressure is about 40,000 times more than the normal atmospheric pressure.

Parts of the Earth crust begin to melt under this pressure.

This gives different reaction to the chemicals present in them.


To test this theory, scientists used this on a stone piece brought from the depths of the sea bed.

This stone of the ocean depth is called peridotite.

This stone is also found in a lot of diamond preparation areas.

During the experiment when two hundred kilometers of atmosphere was created, the properties of this stone were changing.

Sodium and potassium salt are collected in this stone.

Along with this it became the property of diamond also.

Only after this experiment did the scientists arrive at the conclusion that the process of continuation of the diamond from the environment undergoing changes in the sea bed continues.

Many times such diamonds also move upwards along the waves due to the reversal of the sea.

Especially after the volcanic eruptions in the ocean, such diamonds come out to the outside with lava.


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