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Mahendra Singh Dhoni once again rocking the social media

  • His photo of polishing his boot was leaked

  • Fans liked the simplicity of Lieutenant Colonel

New Delhi: Mahendra Singh Dhoni once again being called the best finisher on social media.

Dhoni is currently in Kashmir and is spending time with his Territorial Army regiment.

Meanwhile, article 370 has also been removed regarding Kashmir.

In such a situation, Dhoni fans believe that Dhoni has shown finishing here too.

Meanwhile, a video of

Now another photo of Dhoni from Kashmir is going viral.

In Dhoni’s video which went viral, he was seen in normal clothes.

In this photo, Dhoni is seen in military uniform.

This picture also presents an extreme example of Dhoni’s simplicity.

Dhoni is seen policing his boots in this photo.

The room where Dhoni is policing his boots is also a normal room for military personnel

The bed in the back of this room can also be seen clearly.

It is similar to that found in common Indian homes.

Dhoni certainly does not live such a normal life now.

Cricket has given him wealth and fame, but the truth is that Dhoni’s stardom has never won over the normal person inside him.

His latest military training session is another proof of this.

Meanwhile, you can also watch a relatively long clipping of the video of Dhoni playing volleyball.

Earlier, a clip of two-three seconds was leaked.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Will return after 2 months

Dhoni will be out of cricket for two months.

He pulled himself out of west indies tour just to serve the nation with his regiment.

His regiment is presently stationed at Kashmir.

During this period he would work with Indian troops for 15 days in the Kashmir Valley.

On 31 July, Dhoni joined the 106th Battalion (Para) in the Kashmir Valley.

He will remain here till August 15.

The battalion that Dhoni is participating in and guarding is a special battalion.

The 38-year-old Dhoni is a member of the Army Parachute Regiment and holds all the responsibilities of a lieutenant colonel who plays a common military officer.

During this time Dhoni is not getting any special facility or security.

Here he is heavily armed like an army officer.

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