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T. Rex dinosour had natural air conditioner inside their head

  • Scientists discover the real secret of T-Rex’s brain cool
  • T rex dinosaur was the most dangerous creature ever
  • Thermal camera probe detected temperature
  • Crocodiles also get frost from under the jaw

New Delhi: T. Rex dinosour are known as the most dangerous creature in this earth.

They were wiped out many millions years back. Now new information about the T. rex has been revealed.

Scientists have discovered how the Earth’s most dangerous creature, the T Rex Dionasore, worked so cleverly.

After studying the fossils of this creature and genetics research it has been concluded

that a natural air conditioner-like process worked in his brain.

For this reason, he used to attack with cold head even in adverse conditions

and always prevailed over all beings of that period.

A detailed journal about this research is given in a scientific journal called Anotomical Record.

Only after discovering every fact in it, scientists have made this new conclusion.

Millions of years before the present species of humans were prepared on earth,

the species of Dionasore had become extinct from this earth.

The reason for this was the circumstances caused by the sudden collapse of a

huge meteorite on Earth.

After that meteorite fell, the fire spread rapidly throughout the world, in which all the dinosaurs were scorched standing in their place.

It is now being told that after studying the structure of Dionasore’s skull of this species,

it has been found out that he used to attack in every adverse situation by keeping his mind cool.

Scientists have found that there were some sections inside his skull that actually separated the heat of his brain and helped to keep the brain cool.

T. Rex brain special chambers for heat transfer

The extra heat produced in the brain entered these mines and the active mind lived in a normal state.

Scientists have told that elephants of the present species also use some similar method.

He transfers excessive brain heat to the blood vessels flowing from his ear.

This keeps the mind of elephants calm.

Researchers have found that there were one such food in the upper part on either side of the skull of the dinosaur of T.rex dinosaur.

These parts were helped by his jaw and other muscles of the brain.

Due to these help, he was constantly in his place.

Such food are present inside the crocodiles of the present species but they are near the jaws whereas this empty part was present on the upper surface of the brain of T. rex.

When researchers examined these fossils through modern scientific instruments, it was found that the manner in which these brains worked under normal and special conditions.

During the investigation, when thermal cameras were used, it was found that the functional part of the brain was always in a state of calm due to these blocks.

Because of this, the blood of his body was also being operated at normal speed.

With this, they always kept calm and attacked their prey. Being calm in mind, they were able to attack with more cunning than other creatures.

The work of the air conditioner is also in some other beings

Due to the presence of this mind-blowing air conditioner, now the real work of these two parts empty in his mind has also been revealed.

While examining its structure, it has also been found that a strong muscle originating from the jaw of this species, after coming downwards, was twisted from an angle of ninety degrees to the upper part of the brain.

It does not occur in common animals but was present in the dynasore of the T.rex dinosaur.

Cassie Holiday, a professor at the University of Missouri and a member of this research team, said that now it has helped to better understand the blood flow of this species.

In recent times, when the crocodiles of Floria’s alligator form were examined

with a thermal camera, it was found that the same process happens under their jaws.

For this reason, crocodiles open their jaws in order to gain heat quickly from the sunlight, so that the lights are brought in rapidly so that the area is warm.

But during the hot summer, when this part was tested with a thermal camera,

this part looked black, ie at that time it was cool.

A similar process used to occur in the upper parts of the brain of the now extinct T. rex dinosaur species.


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