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First Denisovans of ancient earth computer model created

  • Computer models prepared on DNA and other evidence
  • Work done with the help of fossil and DNA analysis
  • Structural differences in research were first recorded
  • Many changes in humans of the current species

NEw Delhi: First Denisovans of ancient earth computer model has been createdby scientists.

Based on this model, artists have also made paintings in different postures.

On the basis of all these evidences, the face and nose map which appears to be formed, is also quite similar to the present species.

In this species humans, the frontal pendulum and wide ribs are seen forming at the bottom.

The First Denisovans body of this wide mouth, whose waistline is also seen to be much wider than the present human,

when its entire body structure was prepared.

We are constantly trying to get new information about how humans became and evolved.

The early development of humans took place in the Cretaceous era about 100 million years ago.

They were the first mammals.

That is, they were descendants of all the mammals including humans present in the world.

These originated in the Paleocene era, 6 million years ago, they used to live on trees.

This species was very similar to monkeys.

About 40 million years ago, in the last phase of the Eocene era, originated in two different directions, which were called monkeys of New World (South and Central America) and Adi Monkeys of Old World (Africa and Asia).

Out of these, the symptoms of Adibandar match with the symptoms of human and human, so they were called ancestors of human developmental branch.

His name was called Oligopithecus. Its fossils have been found in rocks of Oligocene age.

Homo sapiens (modern humans) developed over a period of several crores of years in the period of gradual development which spread all over the world.

First Denisovans model after taking all in account

First, the carbon dating of the fossils obtained from different places in order of the development of science,

its age is being ascertained.

Later the work of collecting DNA samples of these fossils started.

Now, based on data of carbon dating and DNA analysis, a human model of this First Denisovans species has been prepared.

By these tests, it has also become clear that due to the presence of humans of different species in the world, there have been some changes in DNA structure. But its origin is still the same.

A research team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has collected its data. Much has already been known about the Neanderthal species.

Now the remains of humans of this species have also been found in Siberia. From there,

pieces of bone and teeth have been found that humans also lived in this area of Siberia.

This population disappeared from there about fifty thousand years ago, while humans of this species lived there for about two lakh years.

After this, they were also analyzed after the remains of ancient humans were found on the mountains of Tibet.

Different species differences were also observed in model making

Liran Carmel and David Gokhman, co-leaders of the research team involved in developing this model, have also highlighted the differences between human species Denisovan and Neanderthal.

After collecting all the types of data, 56 special properties have been recorded based on their analysis. This quality is different from humans of the present day or other species of that period.

After all this, an attempt has been made to draw a picture based on the computer model.

Its thinking is only that it can be seen what the human being of that era would look like.

Artists have also made different pictures based on these facts, which reveal the face or shape of our ancestors.


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