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A new type of metal block is found inside the diamond

  • Unknown metal found near South Africa volcano

  • It can be a completely new metal for scientists

  • Its researchers have named Goldsmittite

  • Many secrets can be solved with it


New Delhi: A new type of metal block has been found inside a diamond.

It has created curisity among scientists.

Diamonds are considered to be the hardest and most precious stone in the world.

Now there is something inside this diamond in South Africa that can also leave the diamond behind.

Actually a scientist doing research in the area of a volcano has found this piece.

The piece is actually a diamond, but there is also some unknown metal inside it,

due to which the interest of scientists has increased.

Scientists already know that when the hot lava explodes out of the earth’s inner core, many metals and other things buried in it start coming out with it.

In the same sequence, it has been seen many times that after the volcanic eruption inside the sea, small particles of diamonds along with tsunamis reach the beach.

This has led scientists to believe that whatever is on the outer cover of the hot boiling lava in the deepest part of the Earth, many of them have not yet been identified.

There is still some understanding of what chemical reactions are taking place due to the pressure and temperature there.

A new type of metal inside diamond is the real question

Researchers at the University of Alberta have made this discovery in South Africa.

They were identifying elements coming out with lava in areas near the volcano.

In this sequence, they found a piece of diamond.

It is generally not a big deal to find a diamond in such research.

But when the scientist saw this diamond closely, they were surprised.

Nikolay Meyer and his team have started identifying this mineral.

Currently this unknown mineral is named goldschmidtite.

This metal is pressed inside the same diamond piece.

Earlier, other metals, creatures and leaf parts have also been found among other crystal like stones.

This is the first occurrence of any such metal found inside a diamond.

This information is given in the journal Geo Science.

In this, the research team has also given information about the chemical and elemental properties of this new metal based on the research so far.

By this one incident, it has been proved that there is still a lot on the upper layer of the earth’s inner inner shell, about which scientists have not yet been able to get complete information.

Presently our science is not so advanced that we can reach this depth of earth and bring back samples from there.

Whenever any earthquake comes from inside the Earth or comes out with a volcano, the situation inside is analyzed based on the analysis of the same.

Some of the minerals inside the diamond have been identified

As per preliminary research, it is believed that the minerals present inside the diamond fragments contain substances such as Neobium, Potassium as well as some more rare elements like Lanthanum and Cerium.

Their identity is being recognized from outside.

But there are other elements in which magnesium and iron are being detected.

Scientists are interested in understanding the conditions at the time of its creation.

After all, how many elements and substances came together in the depths of the earth and knowing what chemical reaction took place between them,

can also provide new information about the situation inside the earth.

Because what is seen, according to what is seen, the diamond piece must have been created in the reaction outside.

Therefore, scientists are trying to understand this whole process afresh.

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