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Prehistoric giant birds had large wings of 20 feet

  • Remains of giant birds found in Australia
  • They used to hunt in the sky on fly
  • Giant bird weighs around 300 kg
  • Progress to make a Computer model

New Delhi: Prehistoric birds were on Earth during the era of dinosaurs.

After finding the remains of one of these, it has been concluded that when it flew on the sky, it used to fly around fifty feet width with its twin wings.

These prehistoric bird’s wings used to be about twenty feet in length.

fossils have been found at Australia and Britain.

Being quite huge in size, they used to hunt while flying in the sky.

It can be understood from their remains that even humans of the present species can easily fit in their claws.

This bird has become extinct during the prehistoric period of turmoil on Earth.

Their model has also been prepared based on these bones.

Further research is being done on the basis of this model.

A team doing research in Australia on the subject has formally announced its achievements last Friday evening.

According to the scientific names established earlier, this bird of prehistoric times is named pterosaur.

It is a bird of the dynasore era. In that ancient prehistoric period,

there were many giant animals on the earth.

These species failed to cop up with the changes taking place at earth that perion.

This is why they disappeared from the world.

Scientists estimate that the average weight of a bird of this size was 650 pounds i.e. around three hundred kilos.

Prehistoric birds were quite old of dinosaur era

The research team estimates that the remains found are quite old.

On the basis of these, it can be estimated that birds of this huge size lived on the earth about one crore years ago.

Remnants of this type have also been found in Britain.

New remains of birds of this species have also been found.

Which can be considered as a pterosaur.

It is named Ferrodraco Lentoni.

The giant bird of this species used to have wings of aroung 13 feet.

Researchers from the technical department of the University of Melbourne’s Swinburne have worked on it.

The lead author of the published dissertation, Ms. Adele Pentland, stated that there are many similarities between the species found in Australia and Britain.

It is clear from their size that they could fly and cross any ocean easily.

But scientists are also assuming that perhaps the geographical structure of the Earth was different then and many areas were also interlinked.

Its tail was such that they can also be classified as a reptile species.

The research team concludes that some remains of this prehistoric bird were also found earlier in areas of South America.

This may help in understanding how far the bird population was spread or the geographical structure of the Earth at that time

Geographical structure of the Earth was different

Ms. Pentland said that the discovery of the bird of this ancient species in Australia is a big thing in itself.

Depending on the structure, it can be assumed that the main food of this bird living near water was probably fish or other living creatures in the water.

But being very large in size, he could easily fly even a small size creature by pressing it into its claws.

His beak was also so large and pointed that even a normal victim could be killed.

Scientists also believe that this bird used to live with dinosaurs during its period.

Because of their ability to fly in the sky, they were often out of the attack of dinosaurs.

Due to such large wings, his speed of flying was also very fast and he could go for hundreds of miles at a time.

The remains found in Australia belong to the area of Vinton (Queensland).

The research team has found part of the bird’s head, parts of the neck, spine and wing bones of this species.

Based on these, the work of preparing a computer model of the bird of this ancient species is going on.


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