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Video surfaced with new 4D technology world of cinema will change

Ranchi: Video with new 4D technology has surface.

The use of new technologies in video is constantly increasing.

Watch the attached video carefully here

But after watching, read this subject carefully.

When you complete your study, then you will get to know the real thing from where science has reached.

Anyway, information technology and space are at the forefront of all the experiments happening in the world.

In both of these also new information is being seen only.

Actually, this technique is also most needed in video.

All this experiment is due to people getting to know and know more and more.

We knew very little about space science before.

As the science of looking in space and understanding the sights of the video is developing,

something new is being added everyday.

For the first time recently, the world has revealed the most mysterious black hole in the solar system.

It was already known. But a model of its shape type has been developed using sound waves.

Video technology will change the way of visual world

Similarly, the new experiment in video is now of 4D.

3 Din movies The use of 3D is now an old thing.

In this, a special type of spectacles are given to the audience sitting in theaters.

With this spectacle, he is able to see cinema in 3D, which is seen on screen.

Scientists have now developed the 4D technology,

furthering this test. In this technique you do not have to wear any glasses.

The same feat has been done in this video.

It is expected that this experiment will be developed soon after its success.

Excerpts from its first use have been released on social media.

When you watch this short film with one eye closed, you will find yourself in a vibrant state in the area seen in this video.

Now watch the same again with one eye closed and enjoy the new

technology in it. If you like it, do not forget to share it.


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