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People in India are migrating to other social media platforms like telegram

  • Russian software became popular due to spying
  • Changes seen after the revelation of the case
  • Russian scientist has developed telegram
  • Signal was made with donations and help

Ranchi: People in India have suddenly started to change their
interest  in social media platforms. In recent times, the use of Telegram  software has started increasing in India. It is already
popular among users for several reasons.

Actually, the use of spyware by a special Israeli company in
WhatsApp software may be one of the reasons. It was not yet
clear  who bought this technology by a company called Pigasus
in India.

The government has only asked WhatsApp to give reasons about this.  But the Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified that
neither spyware  has been procured on its behalf nor is there any such future plan.

Meanwhile, rapidly develop software Telegram developed in
Russia Is  becoming popular. Its speed has suddenly increased in recent times.

By the way, according to statistics, now people have started
using the  signal along with Telegram compared to WhatsApp.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has about 400 million users in India.  According to experts, many of these numbers can also
belong to a  single person. But after the information about the
spy technology is  made public, the market of its customers
seems to be moving.

Russia’s expert, Pawe Durobh, has prepared this telegram. It is
also a  social media platform and is considered safe due to coded signals from one end to the other. That is, due to special
technology, apart from the  message which has been sent, this
message cannot be read in between.

Also, more messages can be sent to more people simultaneously
than  WhatsApp. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons for
being popular. Telegram’s technology is now being used indiscriminately in India for mass messaging.

People in india are aware about spyware 

Apart from this, the signal is also becoming popular in this
sequence. The specialty of this software is that it is open source
technology, developed with the help of donation and support.

Earlier it was also used in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
But it has been prepared by American scientist Moxie Marlin
Spike. Many ace experts were also responsible for developing
it, who for  some reason got angry and separated from Facebook
and WhatsApp.

Both methods are becoming popular in Indian social media platforms due to the arrangement used on mobile phones and desktops.


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