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The impact of environmental imbalance is now visible on the life of birds

  • Small birds are shrinking in size
  • Birds collided while flying through tall buildings
  • Scientists were shocked when seventy thousand birds died
  • Their legs are shortened and wings are expanded is proved fact

New Delhi: The impact of environmental imbalance is now affecting animal birds.

Scientific research has revealed for the first time that the sparrows of many species have been affected.

Under this, the size of these birds is small and their wings are expanding.

This makes them more difficult to balance than before.

Researchers were thus noticed when about 70,000 birds of 52 species of a large flock of a particular species died due to a collision with buildings in Chicago.

Normally, this type of difficulty in flying birds was never seen before.

They used to pass out of buildings and front barriers very comfortably.

This is the first time such an occurrence was observed in North America in these species,

which move from one place to another.

Research was started on what the birds are having difficulty in flying and crossing the obstacles encountered.

After the commencement of research, the process of investigation was started with the earlier descriptions of various species.

In America, the size and type of all those species, which were reported to have died of seventy thousand sparrows, was understood afresh.

The impact of environmental imbalance cause these mass deaths

When research was done about this, it was found that there has been a difference in the size type of all 52 species.

Significant changes in the shape of 49 of these were recorded.

It was only after this that the scientists were shocked.

When the investigation was carried forward, it was also revealed that the wings of 40 species of birds have spread.

For this reason, they are having difficulty in flying now and crossing the obstacles faced while flying.

Researchers working to find the reason found that the effect of increasing temperature on these birds.

Because of this, their wings have expanded.

On the other hand, probably due to the expansion of the wings, the body size of the birds has reduced.

Because of this, they are trying to balance with nature.

This research was started by scientists at the University of Michigan.

Now after combining all the data, he has come to the conclusion that

the only reason for this is the increase in temperature as well as the

imbalance of nature, due to which flying birds of many species are not

able to properly align with it.

Taking the head of this dissertation, Brian Wicks said that the entire

research team is surprised to see the same ill effects in all species.

We are afraid that if no concrete work is done in this direction, then

due to this reason, birds of many species will simply go extinct.

Difficulty in flying due to physical changes

Due to reduced physical size of flying birds and expansion of wings, they are unable to balance between the two in their natural state.

For this reason, if there is any obstacle in front of them while flying,

then they are hitting the buildings before they can move away from it.

The researchers also made an in-depth analysis of the anatomical

structures of the birds of all these species for scientific confirmation of

their estimates.

It was found that a bone in his hind leg, called Tarsus in scientific

language, is changing.

Similarly, data on their length and extension of the wings were also

matched with the figures already in existence.

The leg length has been reduced by 2.4 percent on average, while the

extension of their wings was found to be 1.3 percent.

For this reason, scientists have been able to find out the real reason why these birds collided with buildings while flying.

The natural imbalance is due to the change in their physical structure.

Because of which this species is unable to handle itself.

Scientists are now recording and analyzing them to find an effective way to protect these species.


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