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For last seven years this creature has not moved even a bit

  • This creature is one feet tall in size

  • Dark cave dweller has long life

  • Anyway it usually moves once a year

  • Now constantly being monitored by scientists


New Delhi: For last seven years, no living creature has remained motionless, it is

unthinkable. But this view is proving true, this animal of the chameleon species.

Scientists call it Salamander. Generally living in deserted caves, this species is

found in certain areas of Europe. But this time one such salamander has been

identified, so it has remained unchanged at the same place for the last 2569 days.

By the way, while living like this, his complete living has been confirmed. But it

has also surprised the scientists that it was lying in one place in the same way.

Generally, this creature is about one feet tall. Scientists already know that the life

of this creature is very long. He lives on average for one hundred years. Normally

inside the caves, they hang like lizards. But the record of having lasted for so

many days in one place was never seen before. Hungary Researchers from Gand

University are doing research. Generally, the skin of such a creature in the dark is

light white. Being in the dark, their eyes also work very little.

Now after seeing this salamand seen in an area of Bosnia in the same state for so

many days, the research team’s comment is that this creature has remained the

same since Obama was the President of America.

For last seven years mean when Obama was US president

In the area of Bosnia this creature is called Olm. Even before this, scientists had

information about such a creature lying in one place. It was generally believed

that this creature lay in one place for about a year. There are three fingers in the

front part of its body. By moving in them, they move themselves from one place

to another. This particular salamander seen in the area of Bosnia has not moved

even a single finger in so many days. Which is constantly being monitored.

Scientists have found that there is a shortage of food in the places where this

creature lives. Even after this, they eat snails, small insect moths and small sized

snimp like in the state of hunger. Once eaten, they do not need to eat anything

again for many days. Despite this much, scientists are surprised when a creature

remains in one place for seven consecutive years. During this time, how he

survives without food has also become a big question, which scientists are

looking for answers. However, during research, it has been found that this animal,

generally considered lazy, does not attack other animals. The answer to why this

happens is still not found.

Why this creature is not attacked is still a mystery

But it is a scientific fact that these creatures come into action for family growth.

According to common scientific facts, every 12 years, this creature is active for

family growth. On an average, this sequence continues in the life of a hundred

years. The real scientific reasons for these activities have not been revealed yet.


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