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Giant turtle was bigger than a present day car

  • This creature lived in the area of fresh water

  • They were very aggressive in nature

  • The era of the end of dinosaur age

  • The complete fossile found


New Delhi: Giant turtle is one of the species which comple

fossile found for the first time. Scientists have discovered the

remains of an giant turtle, which is still a record. Based on its

fossils found in the excavation, it is understood that its size was

larger than any car of the present era in its life. Hence it used to

travel on both water and land.

It is estimated that due to the size, its speed was also more than

the turtle of the present day. By the way, a fossil of this type of

these has also been found in the Urumaco area of Venezuela.

According to preliminary estimates, these turtles existed on this

earth about seven million years ago. Some scientists associated

with research are also estimating their age as 130 lakh

years. Scientists have also come to the conclusion from the

study of the  remains that this species of giant turtle lived in

fresh water and was  probably very aggressive. The fossil of this

giant tortoise has been named after stupendemys geographicus.

It used to be about four meters in size and weighed about one

and a quarter tons. It can be understood that how terrible this

turtle must have looked in that time on earth. Based on the

fossils, it has been observed that there were sharp horns on

either side of their neck. These seagas were certainly used in

battle. Perhaps this species of giant tortoise was also very

aggressive about dominating its territory. Such conclusions have

been drawn from the marks found on the fossils. Such scars

may have been caused by the attack of another tortoise’s horn.

Giant turtle fossile has marks of injuries

Edwin Kadena, a research scientist at the University of

Bogota’s del Rosario, said that by observing the turtle’s behavior

of the current species, one can infer the life of the giant tortoise

of that ancient period. Research scientists believe that it was the

turtle itself at the end of the dinosaur era. Their maximum

length was up to 4.6 meters.

Even in the year 1970, this type of remains was found but due

to not being in perfect condition, no conclusions could be

drawn from it. Now after finding the remains in the right state,

complete information about these giant turtle species has been

found. However, scientists are also doing further research based

on these remains. Among the remains found is the lower jaw of

the animal of this species, which shows that it had a great power

to chew inside its mouth as well. Despite being the size of a

normal car, his strength was immense and he used to fight

constantly to dominate his territory.

There were also huge crocodiles in that period

Scientists have believed that on the basis of its structure, this

turtle also used to make food for fish and even snakes besides

small size creatures. But they also used vegetarianism as per the

present tortoise according to the need.

Despite being large in size, they used to stay at the bottom of

deep rivers and lakes. After fossils have been found, they have

been found to be   present in many major rivers originating from

there. It is believed that crocodiles of that size were kept

rearing them. Crocodiles of that era were also about 11 meters

long. They too could not always hunt these huge tortoises due to

its strong shell.

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