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Law and justice minister said no privacy rights for corrupt and terrorists

New Delhi: Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in the context of

recent political developments and alleged anti-national actions in the name of

right to privacy, that privacy rights cannot be to protect terrorists and corrupt

people. Law and Justice Minister Mr. Prasad said at the International Judicial

Conference that he is a supporter of social media, but he suffers when it is

misused for his own benefit. Describing the growing custom of criticizing the

verdict of the apex court on social media as dangerous, he said that judges should

have complete freedom to take decisions. He said, “I am a supporter of social

media, the campaign is unfortunate if the decision is not desired.” Even while

criticizing the decisions, some things need to be taken care of, ”he said. Taking a

dig at the opposition parties in the context of recent political developments, the

law minister said that the problem occurs when the rejected people in the mandate

become flag bearers of ideas. Go. The responsibility of running the government

is its responsibility. Law and Justice Minister Mr. Prasad said on the

right to privacy that this right cannot be to protect the corrupt and terrorists. He

said that there is a balance in the rights and duties given by the Constitution. It is

right to ask questions, but in a way that India’s identity is protected.

During the heated debate going on for and against CAA and other related issues,

Mr Prasad has made his point in a very clear manner.

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