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Killer whale long migration mystery is now revealed

  • This creature comes away to change its skin

  • This species goes eleven thousand kilometers

  • Cleaning in hot water is automatic process

  • One made two rounds in five and a half months


New Delhi: Killer whale is considered the most dangerous and invasive species of

marine organisms. Many science fiction films have also been made on its attacks

in the depths of the ocean. Apart from this, people are often seen hunting them in

the sea. Many times they revolve around an island waiting for other creatures to

come in the sea. It is about these creatures that the secret of their long journey is

revealed for the first time.

Scientists who are constantly researching about this have now come to the

conclusion that their skin needs to be cleaned during their stay in the sea. In the

Antarctica area, when a group of killer whales were seen, there was a light yellow

pathces on them. Generally, this color is not the natural color of their body. On

this basis, research was carried forward.

Many times scientists have believed that due to lack of food in an area of ​​the sea,

killer whales go on long migration. For many generations, they have known their

way of movement. In the same way, a group of wild elephants also travels on the

same route from generation to generation. Killer whale also remain in contact

with each other during this period.

Killer whale has a long history on this habit

After analyzing every data about this, scientists have come to the conclusion that

they go elsewhere and improve their skin. After they move into areas of hot water,

the ground layer dissolves on their skin. This clears the skin of killer whale again.

Robert Pittman, the oceanographer associated with this research, says that this

result has been derived only after analyzing many data. He began to look into it

when he was working with Southwest Fisheries, California.

The record of the long journey of this variety of killer whale species is about one

hundred years old with scientists. But before this the real purpose of this journey

was not revealed. After collecting data in every way, it has been found that the

cold water of Antarctica when they reach the hot water areas, the hot water only

cleans the layer on their skin. Scientists believe that while living in the cold

Antarctica region, this species is known to flow a large part of its blood from the

lower part of the skin. For this reason, light yellow color layer is seen on them. In

this way they also control their body temperature. From there, internal blood flow

becomes normal after reaching the area of ​​hot water. It also clears the stains on

the upper layer of the skin. This also paces up the process of cell regeneration


Polluted and bacteria effected Skin layer also causes problems

In 2011, such a possibility was expressed for the first time. But at that time its

scientific data was not available. Scientists have since collected every data of

killer whale activities. After his analysis, now this secret of the long journey has

come to the fore. Scientists also used 62 satellites for these data. All the figures of

his journey of 11 thousand kilometers from space were also recorded. Research

has found that they continue to move forward once the journey starts. A killer

whale that has come under the purview of research has been found to complete

such a trip twice in five and a half months. This figure has also surprised


Under this research, scientists have found that the true color of the lower

abdomen of this killer whale is white. Due to being in constant cold water, the

yellow yellow layer that gets on it. It also contains harmful bacteria. So when they

reach areas of hot water, they get rid of harmful bacteria along with this layer of

skin. This process of killer whale long migration keeps them fit and healthy.


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