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Earth’s original land got separated is under scientific debate

  • Land mass broke as tectonic plates

  • It was having boiling lava even then

  • More than 10 million years to cool

  • Origin of water is under discussion


New Delhi: Earth’s original terrain was definitely one only. Later, due to different

reasons, it broke down into different continents. But when and how this happened,

there has been a new controversy. It was previously believed that the original

terrain of the earth had been a few million years ago. Later there were further

changes. Now new research is suggesting that even one and a half billion years

ago, the original terrain of the earth was not the same. This has made a distinction

between two different scientific theories. According to scientific calculations,

water had originated on earth only about 3.2 trillion years ago. During this time

there was only water in the entire area. At that time it was not imagined to be

submerged under water of different continents. That is, despite being under water

at that time, the Earth’s original land mass was still one.

Later, the atmosphere of the Earth changed with the upheaval and rain of

meteorites. This caused the ground to divide into different parts by rubbing

tectonic plates inside the earth. Due to this, large plots of land came out above the

water. Now a research done in North Western Australia has found evidence that

there was a scatter in these plots 1.5 years ago. That is, these changes of earth’s

original land mass took place only in the period between 3.2 trillion and 1.5

trillion years.

Earth’s original land mass was one is proven fact

In this area of ​​Australia, scientists have discovered rocks from inside the sea,

which is evidence that the land was then divided. With this new scientific theory

is being formed that about 4.5 trillion years ago this earth was formed due to

mutual rubbing and mixing of dust and stones present in space. During that time it

was a ball of fire like boiling lava. This sphere of thousands of miles in diameter

was burning completely in space. For this reason, it had taken nearly a million

years to get cold. Due to the chemical reactions that occurred during the cooling

of this lava form, different minerals were produced in different areas.

Under this research, it is now being speculated that the first part of the water on

Earth also came in some form along with a meteorite. There is no confirmed

information about where it was born. But after coming here, the steam produced

by mixing hot lava and water is in the atmosphere  It went on spreading. Then

the process of rain was born on this earth. Benjamin Johnson, a geologist and

assistant professor at Iowa State University, associated with this research, says

that even on the basis of these facts, it cannot be firmly believed that water

actually originated on Earth. Yes, it can be believed that when the lava was

boiling on the earth, enough water was present here.

Research done with new scientific instruments

Johnson and Assistant Professor Boswell Wing of the University of Colorado, in

their dissertation, disclosed these facts and concluded that even when there was

water on the entire earth, the ground inside was divided into different sections. To

verify this, these scientists used the state-of-the-art hydro thermal dating method.

Due to which the stones brought from inside the sea were examined. The

evidence of all the other chemical reactions on the stones and the analysis of

oxygen particles has been concluded. The research team collected around one

hundred samples from there. The result of this research was that the amount of

oxygen 18 in ancient earth was very high and at present it is more in the form of

oxygen 16. That is, the conclusion of having the same type of oxygen before that

period is also that then all the oxygen was present in the sea water. Because of

these two different scientific findings, an attempt is now being made to prove that

when the land came out from under water, when and how it split into different

parts as tectonic plates.



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