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The entire Himalayas are visible from space like gold plated

  • Life has ended on Earth even before

  • Constant changes in land and water also

  • Gradual growth progressed after every change

  • Scientific debate intensified on Earth’s change


New Delhi: The entire Himalayas are seen so clearly from space that this

topic of discussion has been made. The scientists are happy to see this picture.

The whole mountain range in this picture Looks like someone is covered with

gold. It glows like this in sunlight. Normally, during the flight from Kolkata to

Delhi this is also covered like gold plated. The entire Himalayas mountain

range can be seen. 

But this is visible only when the sky is clear and free from dusts and other


Along with the discussion of the improvement of the atmosphere after

watching this event from space Information about many incidents of the

destruction of life on earth is also being mentioned. It is believed that after life

originated from water on Earth, there are different reasons Life has been

ruined here from time to time.

Probably because of this catastrophe the cycle of gradual development of life

has also moved forward and apart from the amoeba of a single cell. Later on

many types of animals have been born. Now new evidence has also been found

from South Africa. In which different of a mountain, there is evidence of life of

different periods in the part. By the way Australia Also, fossils of different

times have already been found during excavation. The entire Himalayas

picture taken from space station was only possible due to very clear sky and

atmosphere. That also proves that earth changed.

The entire Himalaya is discussed now

After this it is being discussed more. Actually one of the Himalayan mountain

ranges from there great and clear picture has been taken. After which the

atmosphere is very clear There is a debate on the matter of In this picture, the

entire Himalayas range was overlaid with gold plated like happened. Due to

the existence of different periods of life and ending for some reasons apart

from the ground, the life cycle of water has also changed. There have been

changes in species of birds. One reason for this is the Earth changes in the

ecosystem inside are also being considered. This happened suddenly on Earth

In the period of change, the animals which could not adapt themselves

according to this change, eventually have become extinct. On the other hand

with the changes being made in the ecosystem itself, the structure of life has

also changed in attempts to change. It is believed that meteorites Apart from

rain, due to the change in the Earth’s environment, many times 95 Percent life

was completely finished. 70 percent of life on land it was for these reasons that

it was finished. The process of development is continuous after destruction on

Earth Researchers believes that this is the story of the development of life on

earth since ancient times. After destruction in every time segment, the earth

life in the form of On the other hand, the Earth too has transformed itself and

further Increases. Scientists believe that the catastrophe caused by the fall of

meteorites is sudden. After this, the process of change that starts from falling

meteorites is thousands of years. Goes on till this time one of the many

volcanic eruptions in the Earth the process starts a bit.

Whole earth life had been destroyed earlier also

Many times this sequence of demolition is more than ten thousand years. After

that, the train of life starts moving through another path. Seeing the changing of

Earth’s atmosphere from space to now, scientists again on this theory Are discussing

more. It is understood that the outbreak of corona in the whole world the way

life has stagnated; it has a better impact on the environment. Sky the upper

surface has not only been cleaned, but the layer of ozone in which it was

pierced is also filling up very fast. By the way, scientists believe that the

improvement of ozone layer. There can also be a second reason. But it is

certain that due to less pollution now Earth is starting to appear much clearer

from space. Only for that very reason The entire Himalayas is so clearly

visible. There is no direct connection to what is seen.

University of California research scientist Cindy Louis says that many

times this Even if the changes are not directly connected to each other, each

other’s assistant it happens. The way in which the situation changed after the

meteorite blasts in Siberia, the northern and the Southern Hemisphere

situation had also changed. Due to the life on earth most of it was finished and

the rest was also changed. But on the ground. There is no direct relation

between the change of life and the change of life of water. After this Scientists

also believe that due to a change on a surface, It also has an impact on the life

of the second surface of the Earth, which is now identified has not been




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