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IIT Guwahati made cheap infection free machine for corona

New Delhi: IIT Guwahati has designed an inexpensive machine to fight the

corona epidemic through which the areas will be ‘infection free’. Apart from

this, it has also produced effective materials to make a water-proof personal

protective device (PPE). According to the institute’s director Professor TG

Sitaram, the team of chemical engineering has executed both these projects in

association with ExcelTech, Bengaluru and Ultimate Aeroqua Filters Private

Limited Company of Guwahati. With UVC LED technology, a flat surface MS2

virus can be infection-free up to 90 percent with 186 J dose, while the corona

requires only 36 J dose. This machine can throw 400 J doses of medicine in

30 seconds. This machine is designed to keep the man using it is always safe.

A special machine for non-flat surface is still being prepared. Infections will be

made free from metro rail, hospitals, buses, etc. from small machines to

homes and big machines. Production of these machines will start during

lockdown as soon as the approval from the government. Presently it has

become a global challenge to fight corona in all aspects. Even several drugs are

undergoing clinical trial against corona. Four of them are globally tested now

to find out the results as early as possible.

IIT Guwahati challenged Corona

A PPE has been created as an experiment with the help of materials from IIT

Guwahati. The possibility of mounting an anti-microbial layer on it is being

tested which will make it PPE more safe in fighting the corona virus. These

companies have tested 15000 kits and are ready to send 200 kits to IIT

Guwahati. These companies are also willing to send 2000 kits to hospitals in

the Northeast. Beside IIT guwahati, many other institutions are also working

hard to provide safety towards all people from corona virus infection.



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