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Medical Science is again towards engineering in Covid 19

  • Robots came to war front to fight Covid 19

  • First experiment in Wuhan city of China

  • Infection does not affect machines 

  • Machine can do works of danger


New Delhi: Medical science is slowly turning into engineering. Repairing broken

bones by attaching plates in it and the use of artificial organs in transplantation is

also its link. But now robots are also being launched in the field to fight the global

pandemic Covid 19. Actually its need was first felt in Wuhan city of China. There

was an initiative to seek mechanical help because of the health workers involved

in treatment. In just one week, these robots were used indiscriminately in the

hospital that China had set up there. Actually, there is no risk of such virus

infection on the robots. Also, it is also easy to free them from the viruses that

come with them. For this reason, the incidence of infection of health workers was

reduced due to the use of robots. Now the city of Wuhan is almost completely free

of local infection. The infections that are now found in China also belong to

people from abroad.

Many other countries are also working on the same. They also want to use more

and more robots to avoid unnecessary infections to health workers. They are

being used multifaceted during this terrible transition. In many countries, the

work of sanitizing through robots is being run continuously. Actually, another

method is also being used for this. Such robots are eliminating the virus with their

nearby ultraviolet rays. The risk of health and sanitation workers has also come

down drastically. Especially, this method is being tried in hospitals in many

countries, where patients of Corona are being treated.

The robots were first used in Wuhan’s hospital

At the military hospital in Wuhan, when the number of patients was very high, the

robot was also used to give them food and medicine. Through this, doctors could

see the condition of patients even without going close with cameras installed in

robots. In this sequence, robots were also employed to take the body temperature

of the patients. All these methods are now being used in other countries as well.

These machines can do many works such as supply of goods, sanitization, even

thermal imaging. With the help of robot drones are also being taken up. Because

of this, this worldwide outbreak of Covid 19 is believed to have inspired medical

science to use engineering more and more. There is nothing else but quick work,

freedom from infection and the ability to operate machines continuously.

Due to the use of the robotic method, in many developed countries, the policemen

on the streets have started playing the role of health workers for safety. The

special camera installed in their helmet can identify the front photo as well as take

body temperature automatically. These cameras are directly connected to the

control room. Therefore, after quick analysis, necessary instructions are also

received. In areas where it is not possible to keep the police stationed

continuously, the robots are doing this responsibility well.

Medical science tasks became easier

Procedures for the use of engineering in medical science have also been made

worth Covid 19. Under this, the robot itself performs a preliminary investigation

on whether there are any signs of infection of SARS Sov-2 in the person standing

on the basis of predetermined methods. The patient is intensively tested when

there are positive signs of corona infection. This can eliminate the possibility of

machine error, but due to continuous operation of the machine, the speed of work

is greatly accelerated. This use of engineering in medical science is saving

doctors time and in particular, has proved to be a trigger for the identification and

treatment of corona infection.

The world-famous John Hopkins University has created a technique for

positioning corona throughout the world using this computer analysis method.

Through this, we are able to see the actual data on the condition of corona patients

online all over the world.



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