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Keep your body resistance strong to fight corona by balanced diet

  • You can fight any virus with the proper food and drink

  • Report of scientific institute of Hyderabad

  • The poor should get such food diet now

  • It is mentioned in detail what to eat


New Delhi: Keep your body in perfect shape internally. The body keeps on

protecting our immune system from virus attack. Whenever this immunity is

weak, then we need medicines to get rid of the disease. To keep the body strong to

protect it from invisible enemy attacks like the corona virus, one needs to focus

on its food. Even if corona is attacked by this, you can get well soon.

The National Institute of Nutrition has given detailed information about this. The

Indian Council of Medical Research also considers this to be correct. Under this,

through nutritious food, every person can keep the body stronger than the attack

of virus. This will take less time to cure the disease and the infection will spread

less from such people due to stronger immunity.

It has been reported that it’s most important key to a balanced diet. For this, a diet

like fruits, fruits and yogurt along with nutritious vegetables will keep the body

strong. Scientists had already made it clear that proteins are needed more to keep

the body ready for such situations. This can be achieved better than pulses, even

without the protein carnivore. After taking all this as some food, the body’s

immune power becomes stronger due to the reactions that occur inside the body.

In such a situation, the impact of any virus remains weak. Because there is

already ready resistance force ready to fight it.

NIN has sent its report to the central government

The NIN organization, which has been functioning for more than a hundred years,

is recognized globally in this matter. Scientists of this institution have been

continuously researching the internal conditions of the human body, the food

chain that changes the odor. Due to the attack of Corona virus, the research topic

of this research center has also won against Corona. Based on the research done

in this direction, this report has been released about balanced eating method.

Hemlata R, director of this research center, said that the central government has

also been informed about the need and its benefits from this institute. Now the

government will take further action on this at its level. In its recommendation sent

to the central government by the institute, it has been asked to take full care of

this nutritious in giving free ration to the people. Such food should be provided

especially among the poor sections or those who have come elsewhere in search

of employment, so that even after being in a helpless state, they do not become

victims of the attack of corona. Due to having such nutritious substances in the

food, such people will also remain immune. Especially in those who have a

severe lack of nutrition due to not getting better food, such food will work more

effectively because their body already needs it. not Director said that the institute

concluded that this type of food increases the number of pro-biotic bacteria in the

intestine of the body.

Keep your body bacteria ready for this with food intake

This bacterium develops resistance forces in the body. The institute recommends

fruits like papaya, guava, apple, grape, mango, orange, kinu, lemon. Similarly,

there is a high intake of fresh leafy vegetables and spices as well as fresh food in

vegetables. In the case of proteins, scientists are still considering fish better

because they contain more elements that enhance the nutritional value of the

body, which can play an important role in corona resistance. But except for non-

vegetarians, this deficiency can be overcome by lentils. Also, yogurt has been

described as a better source of various types of nutrients in this season. By using

it, the balance of the gut bacteria of the body remains correct. Due to this, the

body’s resistance is also in a balanced state, while the intake of curd can also

control the internal irritation.

Scientists have warned that during this period of infection of corona virus, food

prepared in factories should be avoided at this time. Also, carbonated drinks of

every type i.e. cold drinks of any kind should also be completely avoided.

Scientists conclude that in this hour meat is not forbidden but it is beneficial but

cooking it properly is an essential condition. Undercover carnivores on the lines

of foreign countries may invite danger. In this sequence, people have been asked

to pay attention to the fact that they should not use more than thirty grams of their

habit in their daily diet.


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