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Lychee to fight Corona ready, knocking the market now

New Delhi: Lychee, a seasonal fruit it ready to knock the market. It has great

resistance power to fight corona because it increases immunity.  A quality crop of

lychee, which is effective in developing corona resistant antibody, It is not only 

ready but will soon hit the market. The lychee crop, rich in carbohydrates,

vitamins, calcium and micronutrients, will arrive in other markets including

metros in the country after one week. For the first time in the country, the farmer

is apprehensive about its value in view of the applicable lock down due to the

corona virus, but the administration and railways are ready to take all possible

steps for its transport. Vishal Nath, director of the National Lychee Research

Center Muzaffarpur, said that this year it is getting delayed by 10 to 15 days in

preparation of the lychee crop due to frequent rains and low temperatures.

Normally, the lychee crop used to come in the market from May 20, but this time

it is expected to hit the market by May 30. According to Dr. Vishal Nath, 100

grams of this fruit contains 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of protein,

171 mg of potassium, 10 mg of phosphorus, 71.5 mg of vitamin C, five

milligrams of calcium, omega 3 and 6, iron, sodium and many other ingredients.

About three lakhs a year in Bihar Neither lichee is produced. Of this, 40 percent is

consumed in metros while 38 to 40 percent is consumed in the markets of the

states. Some lichee is exported while five to six percent of lichee is processed.

This time around 15 percent lichee processing plan has been prepared. There is a

transport problem due to the lockdown due to which the farmer is apprehensive

about its good value.

Lychee is currently facing transport problem

Keeping in mind the apprehension of the farmers, the administration has held a

meeting with private transport agencies and railways. Transport agencies have

been assured of issuing special passes and coordination is being done with the

states in this regard. Railways have assured to run special trains. Along with this,

a plan has been prepared to send lychee to those places where lychee reaches

within 24 hours. Neighboring countries Nepal and Bhutan have also drawn up

plans for greater lychee consumption. Dr. Vishal Nath said that 12-13 people have

been trained for lychee processing and they also have the necessary certificates

and licenses but they have capital problems. Some people also have the last year’s

stock. Capital is being arranged for such people. Efforts are also being made to

create lychee procurement centers at the block level so that farmers can be

provided fair price for their produce. Dr. Vishal Nath said that Corona is a new

problem, which should not be solved by deceit, but with mutual coordination and

open mind so that farmers can get fair price of lychee.


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