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Large part of village submerged snatched away his house also

  • This family is not residing at School’s toilet

  • They didn’t get any help in last one year

  • Those who had alternative moved away

  • Only this toilet was left in the school

  • Danger of land slide is growing again


Malda: Large part of the village had gone into the Ganges. People got early

indication of the huge land slide so they some how managed to move away. Now

the house and the land had slipped inside the Ganges. Somehow he returned after

saving his life, had to take shelter in the two toilets of the government school.

Since last year, the governments have not been able to do anything for such


In fact, when a part of the village started sinking in the Ganges, most of the area

of this government school has also been washed away. There were two toilets

somehow built sideways. Now he is forced to hide his head in those two toilets,

Sahadev Mandal and his family, residents of Mandalpada. This family of four

members have surrounded some areas with tin sheets in the surrounding area

according to their needs. Sahadev Mandal, his wife Moushumi Mandal and their

two minor daughters are found in this temporary location.

Large part includes sahadev’s farming land also

Sahadev no longer has his own land. The land that he used to cultivate is now

under the Ganges. This family is spending the day in these two toilets of

Shobhapur-Pardevnapur Panchayat. Since last year, this family has requested for

help in every office many times. Sahadev’s wife Moushumi complains that every

leader who came at the time of election had got the confidence of quick help from

the tongue. After the election no one came to peek till today. Like this family, the

land of other people also went into the Ganges. Those who had another

arrangement have left this area and gone elsewhere. But this was the ancestral

land of Sahadev, then he could not go anywhere else except this area, because he

has nothing.

Entire school under landslide except these toilets

School The two toilets that have survived somehow have surrounded them and

made them shelter in some way. The surrounding area is surrounded by laying of

tin and plastic. Their life is passing by this. Even electricity cannot be found here,

so this family stays in the dark even in the rainy season. While there is always a

danger of the breach of the embankment again due to the sudden flash floods near

the Ganges. The owner of many bigha land is now landless. The family’s stomach

was also raised for some days. Now wages have also been difficult to get since

the lock down.

After the matter came under discussion, Vikas Mandal, member of Gram

Panchayat said that this problem is in everyone’s knowledge. Land lease has to be

distributed by the government. Everything is messed up because of Corona. Now

if the lease of land is distributed, this family will get help on priority basis.

In this regard, village head Susmita Ravidas said that the list of all those who had

suffered loss last year has been sent to the government. Only after acceptance

from there will be the sharing of help and relief among all.


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