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People disturbed by 150 monkeys roaming in urban area


Jalpaiguri: People disturbed with one hundred and fifty monkeys. They have

suddenly entered the urban area. Due to the sudden arrival of such large number

of monkeys in the urban area, people in every area of the city have been troubled.

Normally monkeys are not used to seeing such a big flag. Above all, people

disturbed just because of suffering all kinds of harm due to monkey-like acts.

People’s clothes have been damaged due to the orgy of monkeys on the roofs of

their homes. Apart from this, monkeys are attacking inside the kitchen or the

areas where food is available.

Local people of the urban area estimate that this huge monkey flag in Sadar area

of Jalpaiguri has come from the forest of Rajganj, Bodaganj or Vaikunthpur. Now

after coming to the urban area, they are also breaking the goods in their Bhagam

portion. Actually, there are many trees in this urban area too. Apart from the high

forest cover, there are also a large number of fruit trees here. Locals believe that

the lure of monkeys, berries, jackfruit and guava trees has made this place of

monkeys here. However, the wild animals are shocked and disturbed due to the

large number of people coming to the urban area. Many times they are doing

more harm in the run-up even when only people are driven away.

People disturbed due to their time waste

People disturbed due to just because they are busy with keeping an watch on this

herd. The most troubles are with the roof or clothes drying out. According to their

habit, monkeys pull these clothes. They carry many clothes with them and in

many cases due to this stretching, people’s clothes are also torn. Local resident

Subrata Mandal said that earlier monkeys used to come here to eat only fruits. But

this time their number is much higher than before. Generally, such a big flag of

monkeys is not seen even in the forest. In many areas, people have also burst

firecrackers to drive them away. After this, the ancestors of humans have done

more harm in order to escape. Now after the arrival of the forest department

officials, an attempt has been started to slowly move the monkey flag to the



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