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A huge star suddenly disappeared and scientists surprised

  • Till now no scientific analysis of the incident

  • Whenever a star splits, it leaves its mark

  • Last year this star was bright enough


New Delhi: A huge star has suddenly disappeared. Scientists are still unable to

explain the reason for the disappearance of this star. Scientists have not seen any

incident like being pulled into a black hole or shattered by itself. Therefore,

astronomers are surprised about this strange phenomenon of outer space. Where

this incident has taken place, it is located at a distance of about 75 light years.

Generally, even in the event of a huge star breaking up, particles and gases are

seen around it. Nothing like this has happened in this case. Suddenly this star has

disappeared from sight.

The one being talked about is officially known as PHL 293B. Its other name is

also Kinman Dwarf. Actually, because of its light, this star attracted the attention

of scientists. In the astrophysic telescope, the brightness of this star is seen about

a hundred times more than the Sun. This is the event of the previous year. Due to

its brightness, the entire solar system was illuminated there. Now it has

disappeared from the eyes. A research report about its disappearance has been

published in the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Andrew Allen, a research student at Trinity College, Dublin, said this was a giant

star. Because of its shine It also looked different from the others. But now

suddenly this sight has stopped. The reason for this has not been found yet.

Scientists were also surprised to see its brightness when it was seen in the

Astronomy Telescope installed in Chile in August 2019.

A Huge star was noticed missing from other sources

This phenomenon has also been observed from the European Southern

Observatory. With the help of a modern tool called X Shooter, a new search of

this area has been started. Actually how it suddenly disappeared after appearing in

the month of December is a big question for scientists in itself. Generally, the

breaking of stars in space is not new. In supernova-like circumstances, many stars

go on breaking simultaneously. Or it happens because of being absorbed in the

black hole. But both these circumstances break the stars leave their mark. Even

before the black hole is absorbed into the extreme gravity, the gas of its gas is

clearly visible. After this star was not seen in its former place, scientists believe

that due to the unknown activity of solar space. either this star has gone

somewhere else or it has been broken in the solar system and its breakdown was

so fast. That even his marks are not visible. But scientists are still in the eye of

that area and they are looking for some evidence which has not been seen before

due to some reason.

Another star has also been seen breaking in the course of the investigation. It is a

distant event of 2.2 million light years and the breaking star is about 25 times

larger than the Sun in size. But its breakdown is clearly visible. But this star is

seen breaking slowly and disintegrating. In the course of this research, it has also

come to the notice that huge stars in size break down soon because only big stars

cannot withstand the other gravitational forces falling on them all the same in

outer solar space near milky way.



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