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An Intact fossil of strange animal found in Australia

  • It looks like bear but an extinct creature

  • It wiped out 25 million years ago

  • Quite giant in size and powerful


New Delhi: An intact fossil of a new type of extinct animal has been found. After

seeing the fossil of strange type of animal in Australia, the attention of biologists

has come to it. This bear shaped creature resembles the Wombat present on Earth,

but there is a great difference in their size. Therefore it can be said that in terms of

structure it can also be the ancestor of Wombat, which is now extinct from the

world. But this creature is about four times larger than the size of the Wombat.

The remains have been found to be in a completely safe state when explorers

excavated the creature in an area of a dried pond of salt in Australia. On the basis

of this structure, researchers have concluded that this creature was more than a

hundred kilograms in weight. Due to this reason and a change in structure, it

cannot be considered a Wombat. Some people say that looking at the shape type it

seems to be the animal between the Wombat and Kuala. But due to the size, this

creature which resembles these two beings was much larger in size than both. The

analysis also reveals some other changes in his anatomy. For example, his teeth

do not match the two animals mentioned earlier.

In Australia, Mukupirna means big bones

Scientists have named this strange animal as Mukupirna for the moment. At the

local level it means only big bones. A scientific dissertation in this regard has

been published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. Seeing the structure of

the body, scientists are busy preparing estimates about it. The hands and claws of

this animal were very strong and for this reason he could also dig pits with his

hands. His resembling Wombat and Kuala still present there but both are much

smaller in size. The physical strength of these two living beings on the earth is

also less than that of the new animal. Looking at the structure of the strange kind

of animal found in Australia, it is speculated that it too may have been an

aggressive creature by nature and has now disappeared from the world. Scientist

Gilbert Price of the University of Queensland associated with this research said

that continuous research also concluded that the creature had probably gone

extinct 25 million years ago from this world. At that time, the average size of all

the creatures walking on land, crawling and swimming in water was also much

larger than the species of today.

An Intact fossil indicated how it became extinct

It is possible that due to change in weather or any other reason, this species has

also been eliminated from the world on its own. According to him, despite being

huge in size, most of the animals of that era could not adapt themselves to the

changes in the weather and ecology and due to this, such species have been

slowly ending. However, this discovery in Australia is also considered important

because it is the oldest fossil found there and being in a safe state, more and more

information has been found about it.


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