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European Space Agency space craft sent closest photo of Sun

  • A dot of the picture area of four hundred kilometres

  • This Space craft is now 77 million kilometres away

  • This Space craft will pass through Mercury’s orbit

  • This much lose look of sun for the first time


New Delhi: European Space Agency space craft has sent the photo of Sun from

the closest for the first time. The spacecraft has succeeded in reaching the closest

to the Sun as part of its mission. The pictures of the sun sent from the cameras of

the Space craft from there are amazing in themselves. For the first time, people

are getting the opportunity to see the sun from so close. The European Space

Agency’s Space craft Solo was dispatched earlier this year.

Now, looking at the sun closely from there, scientists are also analyzing its many

developments. Never before had researchers seen these developments with their

own eyes. Anyway, it is not possible for any human or living creature to be so

close to the sun. The Sun’s heat in such close proximity can turn any such creature

into ashes in a moment. This specially designed Space craft has the ability to

withstand this temperature of the Sun. For this reason, the special type of cameras

installed in it is also working properly.

At present, there is a lock-down situation in the sun. During this time, the heat of

the sun gets reduced very much and due to its low heat, it directly affects the

earth. Scientists already know this to understand the temperature of the Sun and

the environment around it. But this time the cameras are seen raising small flames

from the surface there. Scientists want to understand what these are. Actually,

why are these astronomical flames rising, astronomers want to understand this.

European Space Agency provided new information

It has been learned that the surface temperature of the Sun is relatively low, which

is around five and a half thousand degrees, but its atmosphere is of several million

degrees. Outside the Sun, this temperature remains high due to the plasma

explosion. After understanding the activities of the sun’s center, the corona and

many other reasons can be revealed about the continuous heat in the sun.

Meanwhile, on the basis of the pictures provided by the Space craft, all these

activities are also being investigated from the astronomical telescopes installed on

the earth.

The petty flames that have attracted the attention of scientists are of a much larger

scope even after appearing quite small in the picture. Actually, one point of these

pictures of the sun is four hundred kilometres. It can be understood that the actual

size of the small areas from which the flames are seen rising will also be larger

than many countries of Europe. In fact, the importance of this campaign of the

European Space Agency is being understood even more in the Corona era,

because it is believed that it is also a great need to maintain contact in this type of

crisis. The exposure of satellites installed in space is also hindered by the sun’s


This Space craft will go even closer

The European Space Agency Space craft will make several orbits of the Sun

under its predetermined route. According to the fixed schedule, this Space craft

will go to a distance of 43 million kilometres of the Sun. To reach this distance,

the path on which this Spacecraft is moving, it will also pass through the orbit of

the planet Mercury. Therefore, scientists are also expected to get new information

about the planet Mercury during this period. However, regarding this research, the

European Space Agency’s expedition head Mark McGarron said that the plane is

not just sent to take the best picture. It is responsible for other important work.

Especially through this Space craft, scientists want to collect the data of solar

storms on the basis of which satellite connectivity can be made better and safer.


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