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Computer model showed the sun not in the center of our solar system

  • New information revealed for the first time 

  • New theory against old scientific thinking

  • Scientific investigation of this is pending 

  • The same rule applies to moon & earth


New Delhi: Computer model have given us new information that we did not even

imagine before. In fact, we have been reading and believing that our solar system

is one of innumerable solar systems. Right in the middle of our solar system is the

sun. Due to its being in the middle, all the planets revolve around it. We have

been taught this in science classes since childhood. Even today, children in

schools are developing their knowledge by reading this fact.

This theory has been proved wrong by an experiment of computer models. When

this animation was made by including all the planets and stars of this solar system

in this model, this result was shocking. The result was that the Sun is not really

the center of this solar system. The center around which all the planets are

orbiting is slightly different from the Sun. In the definition of astronomy the

center of this solar system is called a barycentre. Now the animation of the

computer model shows that this baricenter is different from the Sun. This

conclusion is completely different from our earlier studies.

Computer model indicated which we have not read earlier

The area which has already been theoretically considered to be the center of our

entire solar system, about why the Sun is No concrete theory has been revealed so

far. Actually, based on the speed and speed of the planets, it was estimated that

the sun is at the center of all these. Due to its gravitational gravity, all other

planets are moving on their own axis and revolving around the Sun itself. This is

no longer being proved right in computer model animations. By the way, all the

figures and animations of this computer model have not been investigated

objectively on the basis of scientific facts. But it is showing that the center of this

solar system is actually beyond the sun.

The head of Japan’s Center for Space Research has also informed about this

through his Twitter. He has said that most of the area of the physical structure of

this entire solar system is the Sun. The Sun itself holds 99.8 percent of the

physical structure of the entire solar system. After this, all that remains is that of

the planet Jupiter. In these two, a stretch of gravity works continuously. Therefore

it can also now be believed that to some extent the Sun also revolves around this

Jupiter planet. In this sequence, the Sun revolves on its axis and also passes

through this actual center. But it does not last long in this center because the

gravity of the planet remains dominant on it.

Jupiter’s gravity on the Sun in the center of the Solar System

According to the scientists, when two gravitational forces continue to work

together, there is no possibility of any one to remain exactly in the center. This is

why the actual center of the solar system is different from the Sun. Only in the

middle the sun passes close to it. As soon as the Sun reaches the center, the

gravitational force of the Jupiter planet is effective on it. This gravitational force

of both these planets is also in proportion to the physical size of both. The rest of

the planets in this solar system have no effect on the Sun, while the Sun’s gravity

continues to work to orbit the rest of the planets. Under this research, it has also

been reported that both never come in the center between the Earth and the Moon.

Each other’s vibe keeps working on both. Scientists conclude that the orbit of the

largest-sized Sun was thought to be due to its size and gravitational force. It is

now being discovered that it is not really the center of our solar system.



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