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Small island of Italy that easily withstood the influence of Corona

  • The island has a population of about eight hundred

  • Now there is not a single infected patient

  • Many infected people also came here

  • Virus infection had come and gone


New Delhi: Small island of Italy is also under investigation by scientists, where

the corona infection did not spread. The island is named Gijilio Island. Corona

patients had come there, but why this infection did not spread to others, a big

question has arisen. The life and life style there were favorable for spreading

corona infection. Even after this, no one there today suffers from this infection.

What is the real reason for this, it is not yet clear. Yet scientists are trying their

best to find the answer to this question. This question has become more important

because this small island with a population of about eight hundred had a corona

infection and the daily routine of the people here was perfectly suited to spread

the corona. Most of the people living on this island live very close to each other.

Habits such as sitting close to each other, hugging each other at any function are

common. It also continued to occur during corona infection. Even then there core

The cases of infection did not spread as quickly as they spread to parts of the

mainland of Italy. Italy was one of the world’s worst corona affected countries

ever. The condition there was so bad that the medical facilities were reduced.

After this, this small island of Italy naturally survived from this adverse


Small island drew attention of a Cancer expert

When Paola Muti, a cancer trapped on this island, came to know that the three

tourists who came there had become ill, his concern was natural. Paola Muti is a

breast cancer specialist at the University of Milan. According to him, the way

people live here, it was natural for the corona infection to spread immediately.

The whole situation is going on to find an answer to why it did not happen even

after the corona infection was favorable. First understand the geographical

structure of the island that a fort was built on it, which is now almost broken. In

ancient times, this fort was built to protect against pirates. People here sit near the

sea way to come here in their spare time. All the houses here are also very close

to each other. The only doctor on the island is Dr. Armado Schiaffino. He has

lived here for the last forty years. He has also endorsed the idea of cancer.

According to Doctor Schiaffino, when earlier there was an infectious disease here,

the whole island used to get infected. This is the first time this has not happened.

Both collected more data on this. Actually both wanted to know whether the

corona infection is spread here and people do not even know.

The first infected came on 18 February and continued to cough

According to the information about the Corona attack here, a sixty year old man

came here on 18 February. He came to the event to bury one of his relatives. He

was seen coughing all through the program. It is estimated that it was due to

Corona infection that came to this island. But he returned to Italy the same day

after the program ended. It is learned that he also died of Corona in a hospital in

Italy three weeks later. Then on March 5, three more people came to the island.

One of these was also a German citizen, who had come from an area in northern

Italy, where Corona’s attack was the strongest. Here he met a lot of people. He

was also similar to people in many public places. A week later, due to his ever

increasing cough, he underwent an investigation and found Corona. Four days

after his arrival, a lock-down was announced all over Italy.

Apart from this, many people came with the infection. But it had no community

impact here. Tourism is coming again here after the lock-down ended in early

June. But now there is not a single case of corona here. A corona investigation of

723 people has been conducted for rescue. Now scientists want to know the

reason for this. At present, scientists do not have any satisfactory facts or figures

about it. But the corona did not spread there, it is true.



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