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Eye drop will end Cataract problems and related blindness

  • Its number of patients is more in countries like India

  • Punjab’s achievement towards blindness control

  • Made a method to prevent cataract from aspirin

  • Medical facilities not accessible to remote areas


New Delhi: Eye drop will be the new magic solution to end cataract. Scientists in

Punjab have made significant progress towards removing cataract blindness from

eye drop itself. Blindness is a rapidly growing challenge for the world. In this

also, the number of blindness and blind patients due to cataract is increasing

continuously. Cataracts are also increasing with age, especially in areas with little

medical facility.  Those, who do not have the facility of timely investigation and

treatment,. Realizing this crisis, many eye doctors of the country now organize

eye screening camps in remote villages. Its only purpose is to take the medical

facility to the villager’s door so that they can know what is causing their eyes.

These types of medical camps have given new life to the eyes of thousands.

In this sequence, scientists of Punjab have succeeded in devising a new method.

Scientists at the Institute of Nano Science and Technology, with the help of

aspirin, have designed a fine weapon that does not allow cataract proteins to form.

The biggest thing is that it is very inexpensive and without any surgical treatment.

It is evident that due to this method being cheap and no operation is needed, it can

get a lot of benefit in developing and less medical facilities like India.

Eye Drop made with the help of Nano rod

Actually, scientists have prepared the nano rod from aspirin, which breaks the

parts of the protein that later become the cause of cataract. In cataract, the ability

to see is reduced due to the formation of protein clots above the eye membrane.

Actually, due to this type of obstruction in front of the retina, humans or other

animals are not able to see correctly. The institute has been officially informed

about this achievement.

Cataract has been told that it is actually a layer of protein formed above the screen

of the eye which is opaque. For this reason, in whose eyes they become proteins,

they cannot see clearly. This protein has to be removed through operation to

correct the eye again. Presently, several methods of this cataract operation exist.

Scientists in Punjab have prepared this Nano rod to remove this layer of protein

without surgery. By this method, the light blue or brown membrane that forms on

the screen of the eye will be removed, then it causes cataract.

This chemical will eliminate cataract proteins

The method that has been tried for this treatment is actually based on nano

technology. This nano rod prepared from aspirin prevents clotting of groups of

proteins inside the eye. The biggest thing is that it is not even a surgery. Due to

this, patients will not have to enter the hospital. Actually, scientists started

research in this direction only after deeply studying the structure of protein of

cataract. After understanding all the types of cataracts, it was seen how they could

be eliminated without any operation. Nano method has proved to be most

effective for this. It has also been mentioned in this experiment that this method is

also not a treatment done with the help of a steroid. Therefore its side effects are

also minimal. Since the size of these nano rods is very fine, they can be

transported inside the eye through any eye drop. Once it reaches there, it

automatically begins to work by breaking the protein.


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