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Shahnawaz Hussain believe that he will remain loyal soldier

  • BJP spokesman came to Bhagalpur for Modi’s program

  • Where the airport work in Bhagalpur is also soon

  • Center Government helps Bihar on road transport

  • Hussain postponed questions related to the party

Deepak Naorangi

Bhagalpur: Shahnawaz Hussain is avoiding making such a statement in the

changed political circumstances, then give rise to a new controversy. But

everyone knows that Mr. Hussain, who was a minister as a prolific leader in the

Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, has never been among the top leaders of the


See what he said on different issues

Once defeated in the election, the party has not given any major responsibility

work to him. Mr. Hussain came here after a long time to participate in Narendra

Modi’s online bridge inauguration program. Shri Modi has inaugurated this bridge

today in an effort to connect Bihpur to Virpur i.e. Bihar to Nepal. The Prime

Minister has announced to launch more than 14 thousand crore projects for Bihar

today. BJP national spokesman Shahnawaz Hussain has come to Bhagalpur.

Where many of his subjects were seriously discussed. BJP spokesman said about

this bridge that he said that the Prime Minister is giving double gifts to the people

of Bhagalpur district right now. The fourlane bridge at Bhagalpur will be

constructed across the Ganges River. The second effort was going on since Atal

Bihari Vajpayee’s time.

Prime Minister also layed the foundation stone of Bihpur to Veerpur bridge. This

bridge will be nine kilometers long. According to him, road transport will be

better with their construction. In the direction of improving the state of road

transport in Bihar

The efforts of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar have been consistently supported by

the BJP government at the Center. Mr. Hussain also patiently answered the

questions asked on the airport construction. He said that like the bridge from

Bihpur to Virpur, now the airport will be constructed at Bhagalpur on the lines of

Darbhanga. Purchase of land separately for this will be done. Along with this, a

new runway will also be constructed. He has spoken to the Prime Minister for the

construction of the airport.

Shahnawaz Hussain avoided all Controversies

The Prime Minister has assured that the airport at Bhagalpur will be built. Almost

all the preparations for this have been completed. He said that he will exert full

force to build the airport at Bhagalpur Green Field. A small plane in Bhagalpur is

no longer viable. There is a need to fly large aircraft from here. After Patna,

Darbhanga and Gaya, now the aircraft will take off from Bhagalpur soon. He said

that the airplane was supposed to fly from Bhagalpur after Patna, but due to the

disruption of some people, the airplane could not fly. Now but very soon initiative

will be taken in this direction.

BJP leader remained silent on political issues

Most of the questions asked on political issues were avoided by Mr. Hussain as it

was related to his weak position in the party and Nishikant Dubey and Ashwini

Choubey in ticket distribution. The people of Bhagalpur are well aware that even

after winning and then losing the election from here, they remained in constant

contact with the area. In this Corona period also, Mr. Hussain has done

remarkable service to the poor in many states including Haryana besides

Bhagalpur and Bihar. But he refrains from speaking on his current position in the

party. On all these issues he was also asked whether such It does not appear that

after Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure, his stature is constantly getting shorter during

Shri Modi’s tenure and he is not being heard even in ticket distribution. Avoiding

these questions, Mr. Hussain said clearly that he is a party soldier. His own

identity is also due to the party. Therefore, the party should not give any

responsibility so he will remain the soldier of the party.


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