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This normal looking tree is poisonous like scorpion venom

  • New information in research in Australia’s forests

  • This poisonous tree found inside rain forests

  • Heart shaped broad leafy plant is

  • Its poison hurts like fire burn

Ranchi: This normal looking tree is very dangerous. It’s very poisonous and

whoever comes with contact with its leaves, he will have a bitter experience like

scorpion sting. The pain of a scorpion sting is known only by someone who has

gone through that period of poison. But based on his/her experience, surroundings

or eyewitnesses can also feel it well. The effect of this poison lasts for twenty-

four hours on average and due to the poison, the whole city feels like a fire. Now

it is revealed for the first time that there is a tree in Australia, which has a poison

like sting of scorpion inside. In the forests of Australia, poisonous animals are

more common anyway. Apart from the spiders, snakes, there is poison in sea

creatures. But researchers have found for the first time a tree that contains such a

dangerous poison. In the scientific definition this tree is called a dandrocnoid tree.

Local residents of the forest where it is found, call it Gimpi Gimpi in their own

language. This poisonous tree has been discovered in the rain forest of Australia.

Although there are poisonous trees in many other parts of the world, but its

poison has been considered the fastest and dangerous. Researchers believe that

the poisoning of this tree can continue for a week if it is affected. This tree with a

large heart-shaped leaf is similar to a common leafy tree. Hence, it is not even

known to be so dangerous at the initial sight. North east Queensland.

This normal looking tree has been found in the area of ​​the brand. A research team

from Australia has started to do more research about this tree so that its other

characteristics can also be explored.

This normal looking tree has poison in its leaves

Normally, people who pass through such rain forests, even after rubbing with the

leaves of this tree, their poison start working. Those who are prone to this

experience that after some time after rubbing the body with the leaves, a burning

sensation starts. Gradually this burning increases like a fire and the whole body

falls into it. After staying in this condition for several hours, its effect starts to

decrease gradually. Scientists have found that only the furrows in its leaves act

like poisonous stings. Later, after the fire-like burning sensation, the victim feels

that the part where the leaf was rubbed is slammed between any type of car’s

door. This pain continues for several days. Scientists from the University of

Queensland are doing research on it. The strange situation is that if you take a

bath with water to get rid of burning sensation like fire, the effect of the poison

increases again instead of decreasing the pain.

Poison is actually a Neurotoxin mini protein

University of Molecular Bioscience professor Irina Vetter, associated with this

research, said that neuro-toxin mini-proteins have been found inside this normal

looking tree. These neuro-toxin mini-proteins only produce the effect of poison in

the body. The venom inside this tree has also been analyzed and it has been found

that it belongs to the genus Gyptidides, which is also commonly present in some

animals. The dissertation has been published in the international journal Journal

Science Advances about this research. In which research is still underway on the

effects of this poison on the brain as well as the body and the possibility of using

it as a medicine by other methods of poisoning.


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