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Lock down in Sun will have impact on Earth too

  • It has a bad effect on the entire solar system

  • History of unseasonable rain and snowfall

  • Can also interrupt satellite services

  • Will give less light for long time

Ranchi: Lock down situation is also continuing in Sun. The process of dimming

of the sun is going on. Currently, the world is well aware of the lock down of

Corona, which is going through a crisis; Sun still has a lock down like situation.

That is, the average activities there have become very less. Due to the decrease of

this activity in the sun, the heat and light there has also decreased. For this reason,

its impact on the entire solar system including the Earth is also a scientific truth.

In the scientific definition, it is also called Solar Cycle 25. During this period, the

activities of the Sun are reduced so much that the Earth’s weather starts changing.

In general, this causes the temperature of the sun to drop down due to less

sunlight on the earth and on many occasions it creates more cold-generating


Lock down at Sun is not the first time

It is not the first time that the sun is dimming. Such a situation has come before.

The history of earlier experiences says that in this period there has been snowfall

even in those areas which were considered as hot areas. Also, there is a history of

unseasonable rains due to low temperatures. Along with this, the past history of

events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is also recorded in the pages of our

history. Regarding the dimming of the Sun, NASA and the National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration claimed that this change is going to have a huge

impact on human life on Earth as well. At the same time, researchers are also

believing that due to the low heat of the Sun, it is going to affect the lives of

astronauts living outside the Earth’s atmosphere for space research. Astronomers

are also eyeing the black pits formed due to low temperature on the sun. Also, the

activities of sun rays and plasma coming out of the sun continuously towards the

solar system are being measured. The real cause of heat in the sun is the

continuous eruption there, so what effect the lock down of this sun has had on

those explosions is being seen. There is a scientific conclusion about this whole

process that after a particular period of time it has happened inside the Sun. Under

this, the two poles of the Sun start changing positions among themselves. In the

middle of this entire process, this situation becomes extremely variable.

New sun cycle usually every eleven years

A new solar cycle usually starts every eleven years. During this period many

types of upheavals occur. Every turbulence inside the sun has an impact on this

entire solar system. Many times due to the change in the level of radiation of the

rays of the sun, the process of volcanic eruption and earthquake on our earth is

accelerated. Scientists who have done continuous research about this have told

that in fact the process of dimming of this new sun started in December 2019

itself. It took a long time to understand him correctly. Now the situation is that the

magnetic field has also been affected due to the dimming activities of the Sun.

This change is bound to affect the upper surface of the Earth’s atmosphere. This

change will also affect satellites moving in space outside the Earth. Apart from

this, many other devices that are sending information from space will also have an

effect on this change. Scientists are happy to know that even in this dire situation,

when the sun was put on lock down in the past, the science at that time was not so

advanced. This time it will be possible to get more information about it with the

help of modern instruments and many excellent levels of astrophysics. On the

other hand, other spacecraft, including the Parker Solar Probe, a special vehicle

going towards the Sun, will also go a long way in collecting data about it with the

help of their equipment.



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