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Scientists have identified Planets for life in far away space

  • There can be better planets for life than Earth

  • Many are much larger than our own Earth in size

  • The atmosphere there looks better than this earth

  • The nearest area is one hundred light years away

Ranchi: Scientists are trying to find out alternative to Earth since long. The work

of finding options for life has been going on for a long time. Now new

information has come out in this episode that many planets can also happen,

where the conditions are better than the earth for human life. But at the same time

scientists have made it clear that this assessment does not mean that there are still

lives there. His research is only about the life-enhancing circumstances. Some of

the planets that have been identified are better than the Earth. But all these areas

are outside our solar system.

The dissertation has been published in the journal astrobiology about this

estimate of scientists. There are also many of these planets, which are older than

the Earth in age. Some are also larger than the Earth. More importantly, they are

probably slightly warmer and more humid than the Earth. These findings are from

the research team of Washington State University. This research group believes

that human life in these planets and whether any life that flourishes on Earth

could possibly develop better. Their second feature is that they are orbiting such

stars, which are older than the Sun in age and their speed is also relatively slow.

Scientists assume most favorable is 100 light years away

Of these, the planet which has been found to be the most favorable is about one

hundred light years away from the Earth. With the help of data from NASA’s

Hubble Telescope, the researchers are doing a more in-depth study of all those

possible targets. Professor Dirk Schulz Makuse of Washington State University

associated with this research said that a new and more modern space telescope is

coming in the coming days. It will be possible to draw better conclusions based

on the data obtained from it. Note  that Professor Dirk is also associated with

the Technical University of Berlin apart from here. He said that we have to focus

on some of these possible planets so that further research can be done in a better

way. The research so far is showing that in some of these conditions the

conditions of life are probably better than the earth.

Scientists have explained their research that the basic basis of our solar system is

the Sun. This Sun is less than ten billion years old. The origin of life on Earth too

has taken more than a billion years. On the other hand, there are many huge stars

outside our solar system, whose heat is less than the Sun and they also give less

light than the Sun. But his age is probably much older than the Earth or the Sun.

Some of these may be up to 70 billion years old.

Search for the alternative of Earth is old practice

At present, the planet which is considered to be the best alternative to the Earth in

this discovery, is about one and a half times the size of the Earth. His own gravity

is probably higher than Earth and that is why his own atmospheres have also been

created. There are many circumstances worth pursuing in this and other planets

identified. They have moisture, clouds and water. But perhaps its temperature

is five degrees higher than the Earth. Therefore, scientists believe that in the event

of life in these planets, their condition will be better than the Earth.



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