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Sun sized star was swallowed by a Black hole

  • European Research Center telescope viewed

  • During the process gases spread all around

  • This big star became just like a flat disk

  • For the First time this was viewed

National news

Ranchi: Sun sized star itself mean it’s a huge star. From the size, one can

understand how big a star it must have been. But a black hole swallowed such a

large star very easily. We already know that any black hole takes out any star or

planet close to it. Actually it is a scientifically proven truth that due to the gravity

of black hole, it does not come back to light from inside. But before long it was

not known where such black holes actually are due to their dark black color and

intense gravity. Now that technology has evolved, it is being understood by

looking at the developments around the black hole where the black hole is

actually located. This is the first time scientists have seen such a phenomenon

happening in a black hole. Actually, astronomers have also seen the developments

around this huge star where it is contained in a black hole. With the help of state-

of-the-art telescopes and technology, every small thing that happens in a

particular area. Seeing the big event, scientists have come to the conclusion that a

black hole is actually swallowing a huge star there. Normally all such stars or

celestial bodies lose their gravity after being drawn close to the black hole. This

causes them to disintegrate. In order for this whole body to dissolve inside the

black hole, the escaping gas can be seen from there. The light that is scattered just

moments before absorbing inside, can be understood from the fact that the star or

body is finally completely submerged into a very small black hole.

Sun sized star was divided into tiny pieces

A dissertation has also been published in this regard. Samantha Oton, the second-

most author of this dissertation, said that when such an event occurs, the gases

present inside the star or any other celestial body explode. Due to the explosion of

this gas, due to the spread of strong light there, it can be understood that where is

the black hole actually. Everything has happened in this case also.

This has been seen with the help of the Very Large Telescope of the European

Southeastern Observatory. Where this incident has taken place is about 2150 lakh

light years away from Earth. This development has been named as TDE 1 T 2019

QIZ. It was first discovered by Matter Nicole, the lead author of the dissertation.

He is a scientist at the University of Birmingham and is associated with the Royal

Astronomical Society. Scientists have seen the kind of waves that have arisen

there during this development. Edo Berger of the Howard Smithsonium Center

said that the Sun-shaped star completely disintegrated under the pressure of

gravity of this black hole.

Only the gases have scattered around

Therefore, it can be assumed that when entering the black hole, it became like a

disk of very fine particles which is lost in a dark dark dark area with a circular

circle. Scientists have also succeeded in estimating that this black hole that

swallows the Sun-shaped star is also about one million times larger in size. Now

all the data from the developments are being investigated on the famous scientist

Albert Einstein’s theory that he wrote about the effects of gravity on light energy.


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