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Ant is the most powerful creature in the world scientists found that

  • Muscles developed in gradual development

  • Ants used to have wings in ancient times

  • Can withstand five thousand times more pressure

  • Strong muscles developed when wings were removed

National news

Ranchi: Ant is the most powerful animal in this Earth. Whenever we think of

most powerful animal, A picture of an elephant or a big animal emerges in our

mind. But scientific study says that ant is the most powerful creature in this

world. An ant of the American species can withstand five thousand times more

pressure than its total weight. In fact, after continuous research on these small-

sized creeping animals after analyzing their properties, researchers have now

reached this conclusion. The conclusion of this scientific research is that the ant

that has the most strength than its size is the ant. For this, his computer models

were also prepared after studying the muscles of each part of his body in a fine

manner. When analyzed on the basis of the data recorded in the computer, it was

found out for the first time that the American ground ant can withstand five

thousand times more pressure on its neck than its total weight. For this reason,

ants have the ability to carry animals larger than their size or carry food items on

their back.

Ant can withstand 5000 times pressure

During the continuation of this research, the properties and changes in the

evolution of ants were also reported. Scientists came to the conclusion that the

ancestors of ants of ancient times were actually feathers i.e. they could fly. Now

this work of genetic analysis is going on, which will tell whether the ant is

actually a land animal or in fact the current descendant of a bird. These feathers

on the body of ants have disappeared during millions of years of change.

Actually, the conclusion of research is that only during the disappearance of these

wings, the body muscles of the ant have become highly developed. For this

reason, they can also lift much more weight than their total weight. That is,

despite losing the ability to fly, the ant is the most powerful creature according to

its weight.

Generally, all the research done on ants so far was mainly based on their social

behavior. Their social life is very well organized and they lead a rigid disciplined

life. The research team of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate

University has done this research for the first time on the evolution and strength

of ants. Sorbonne University of Paris has also played a role in this research, where

researchers have recorded its mechanical activities.

Presently it has been found that even today only those ants have wings. These

feathers are used especially during the egg-laying season. But, generally, the

laborer ant seen anywhere in our homes is now featherless.

The wings disappeared gradually during evolution

It is also important to mention that this unique type of research was actually

started by Dr. Christian Peters. He was a scientist at the National Scientific

Research Agency in France. At the start of this work, an attempt was made to

understand the anatomy of the ants with the help of X ray imaging. But Dr. Peters

died by the time this research was completed. His colleagues continued this later

and now it has resulted.

It has been found in scientific research that the wings of ants, which have wings,

cover fifty percent of the muscles of the body. Due to this, other muscles of the

body do not develop. On the other hand, the muscles of winged ants are the most

developed and powerful muscles in the world. In the period of gradual

development, when the wings of ancient ants have gone, then these muscles have

developed in their place. For this reason, today he can bear comparatively more

burden than any other creature and can also bear more pressure. Due to this

quality, people can also carry very heavy weight food to their homes ie colonies.

After this, research is still going on to find out the structure of these ants’ brains

and other powers.



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