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International Concern over killing of Sharks For Corona Vaccine

  • Squalene occurs naturally in these creatures

  • Balance will be disturbed if five lakh sharks are killed

  • There is a widespread effort to produce them in factories

  • Dr. Reddy Lab will conduct Russian vaccine trials in India

New Delhi: International concern has been expressed about widespread killing of

sharks at sea. In fact, an environmentalist group is concerned that preparations for

mass killing of shark fishes are going on in the sea to prepare the vaccine for

Covid 19. Actually this claim has been made by Shark Alloys, a group working

for the marine environment. It is said that a compound called squalene is found

naturally in the liver oil of shark fish. The need for this compound has been felt to

make corona vaccine. For this reason, it has been feared that the necessary items

of this vaccine can be collected by killing about five million sharks of the sea,

because it is available only in shark fish in abundance and naturally. This

environmentalist group estimates that if the current population of the world were

given a single dose of vaccine, it would have to kill 2.5 million sharks of the sea.

Marine life balance will be destroyed if it takes place

That is the main reason of International concern. According to scientific

estimates, to raise one ton of squalene, two and a half to three thousand sharks

would need to be killed. If every person is given two doses of this vaccine, killing

five lakh sharks is sure. But the people of this group say that the imbalance within

the sea when such a large number of sharks are killed, will not be replenished, and

after the maritime balance deteriorates, it will have another bitter effect on our

lives. The group has already advocated the use of laboratories and factories to

artificially raise this compound to maintain marine equilibrium. Expert of the

group, Stephanie Branddal, said that we do not want to be hindered in the way of

Corona Vaccine but we do not want to invite any more trouble through the sea in

the name of making Corona Vaccine.

International Concern because of ecology and water life

Therefore, to keep humans alive, it is better to kill marine or any other life than to

produce them on a large scale in factories. There will also be a clinical trial of

Phase III of Russia’s vaccine in India. It was already announced. Now Hyderabad-

based company Dr. Reddy Lab has also formally applied to the Drugs Controller

of India. Russia has tested its sputnik vaccine in the country for Corona. Russia

claims that the vaccine has been working correctly so far, but a comprehensive

clinical trial of Phase III of this vaccine has to be completed for its scientific

validation. Now India is also going to participate in this third phase of vaccine

trial. While many other vaccines are being tested at different levels in the country,

production of a vaccine has been started, predicting its success. This has been

done so that after the declaration of the vaccine is effective, the production time is

not destroyed and the vaccine can be made available throughout the world as soon

as the green signal is received.

India Gears up for Vaccine production

Regarding the clinical trial of Russia’s Vaccine in India, it is learned that Dr.

Reddy’s Lab has tied up with the Direct Investment Fund of Russia. Under this, it

will also distribute this corona vaccine to India in the event of a successful third

stage clinical trial of the company. According to the agreement between the two

companies, Russia’s company will provide one crore vaccine to Dr. Reddy’s Lab.

However, Russia claims that since last September, forty thousand people have

been given vaccine vaccines under the third phase clinical trial. This vaccine of

Russia has been prepared by Gamalaya National Institute in association with

government institutions. Here in India too, Bharat Biotech and Zides Cadila are

engaged in their own vaccine trials. Pune’s Serum Institute is pursuing Oxford’s

vaccine production. The clinical trials of Phase 2 and III of all these vaccines are



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