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Green tea and some fruit juices are also corona resistant

  • Research continues after encouraging results in testing

  • Natural elements of 8 fruit juices are real effective

  • Further scientific research is still going on

  • Destroys the virus’s protein coating

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Green tea is known to us for many properties that benefit the body from

the inside. It is now revealed for the first time that it also contains ingredients that

naturally reduce the activation of corona virus to a great extent. Along with this,

many fruit juices have also been found to be right for this. After getting the

knowledge of these facts, scientists are now doing more research in this direction

so that based on all the data, a solid scientific consensus can be given about it.

Corona resistors have also been found in pure juices of some other fruits, such as

pomegranate. In investigation, its natural properties have managed to eradicate

the corona as well as the flu virus. They have been tested in the laboratory’s

artificial environment. Therefore, the need for testing has been felt in its practical

and natural environment, which is still in progress. This effect of green tea or

juices of the mentioned fruits has been observed on the corona virus prepared in

the laboratory. At the same time, in the assessment, rinse with these aquatic

substances, also the wires hidden inside the body, especially in the mouth and

throat. It has been said to have an effect on the virus.

Green tea and mouth wash kill virus

Regarding this research, scientists have said that according to the scientific facts

about the epidemic so far, this virus reaches the lungs affecting the windpipe. This

path of it passes from mouth or nose to throat. Sore throat and dry cough are the

initial signs of its effect. In recent times it has also been found that some common

mouthwashes also reduce corona infection. But for the first time any such

research is being done on the basis of natural liquid. Many natural substances

naturally contain anti-virus elements, this is a pre-certified scientific fact. Now for

the first time such a test has been done on juices of pomegranate or black

chocoberry. Also, similar research is going on on green tea.

It has been investigated by scientists of the Institute of Molecular Virology at Ulm

University Medical Center. This work has also taken place at the Technical

University of Dresden. Based on these tests, preliminary information has been

found about corona resistance in green tea and fruit juice. Also, similar qualities

have been found in Alderbury in this sequence. The report of this preliminary

research has been published in BoR. It has been reported that scientists used the

viro E6 cell for the corona virus vaccine. For this, artificially prepared flu,

influenza and corona viruses were used simultaneously. When natural juices were

mixed with these viruses and tested. But all these viruses were artificially

produced in the laboratory itself. After mixing them, its effect on the tissue is


Experiment done in normal temperature

This test, which took place at normal temperature, found that chokoberry juice

reduced the infection of corona virus by three thousand times within just five

minutes. Similarly, the effect of other fruit juices was also observed. It has also

been seen in the test that as its time frame increases, the effect of fruit juices on

the virus is getting faster. For this reason, it is believed that these natural methods

can also lead to a new way of prevention of corona virus. In most of the cases,

after five minutes, the activity of the virus is so low that it is not able to spread the

infection further and as it remains under the influence of these juices, its strength

further deteriorates. Scientists believe that virus-carrying proteins lose their

strength due to the catechins, tannins and flavonoids present in these fruit juices

or green tea. Of these, green tea attacks the outer protein layer of the virus as well

as the virus directly. First it destroys the protein layer and then kills the virus

inside it with its power. Gargling from them is also considered beneficial in some

cases. Similarly, the power of the virus has also been investigated by rinse with

mouthwash. Further research is still going on so that any concrete result can be

revealedfurther on based on scientific evidences.


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