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BJP gain in bihar assembly polls has not cleared the political uncertainity. 

Falsifying all exit polls and discussions post-election on electronic channels,

NDA secured the maximum number of seats (125) thereby crossing the magic

number of 122 in Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 and confirmed its claim to form

next government in the State. Tejashwi Yadav led Mahagadhbandhan came very

close with110 seats. Interestingly RJD itself got one more seat (75) than BJP (74).

JDU is placed third with 43 seats. The performance of Congress was dismal

again. It could get only 19 seats as against 27 in 2015. Sad demise of Ram Vilas

Paswan could not convert sympathy in favour of Chirag Paswan and LJP, which

got only one seat but succeeded in their mission “Nitish Hatao” by denting JDU’s

winning prospects in at least 10 to 12 seats. The tally of major political parties

stands as RJD 75 (80), BJP 74 (53), JDU 43 (71), Congress 19 (27). AIMIM got 5

seats whereas HAM and IP secured 4 seats each. Left parties together got 16

seats. The numbers in brackets show seats secured by these parties in 2015

election. Thus, maximum advantage went in favour of BJP, which is up by

35.84%. BJP supporters are saying “Modi hai to mumkin hai” (it’s possible, if

there is Modi).

BJP gain again in the name of Modi

Seats tally conveys message that the people of Bihar rallied behind Prime

Minister Modi and BJP and did not go in support of other parties as all of them

secured less number of seats than 2015. The simmering discontent against Nitish

Kumar effected JDU most and it stood at third position with approx. 40% less

seats. BJP stalwarts including Prime Minister Narendra Modi gathered in New

Delhi on Tuesday at party headquarters to celebrate its victory in Bihar and other

States. A press conference was also held in Patna wherein all senior leaders

including Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, State President Sanjay Jaiswal and

others were present. A marathon meeting of BJP leaders with Nitish Kumar and

few of his closest aides also held at 1, Anne Marg after it became clear that NDA

is poised to get majority seats.

Its interesting to watch the next moves

Next few days of political moves will be interesting to watch. BJP for the first

time emerged in the role of bade bhai (elder brother) in Bihar and it is the only

state in northern India where it is still unable to form a government on its own.

The local leadership and party workers in Bihar had been echoing their voices to

go alone with the charisma of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah et all and this time they

are more vocal for it. Nitish Kumar may become Chief Minister but it is for sure

that this time people of Bihar have voted against JDU and anti-incumbency.

Nitish Kumar’s own move to accept vote against him and his party will also set

his future politics.


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