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Oxygen can also reverse the age process of human

  • No other changes of routine during this Experiment

  • Research Data show they are 25 years young

  • Experiment done at Tel Aviv University

  • Scientific claim of success in This trail

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Oxygen is already known as an essential part of life. We will not be

able to breathe without it, nor will the heart pump inside our body without it.

But now for the first time Israeli scientists have claimed to turn the age upside

down with its help. Scientist Professor Shai Ifrati associated with this research

said that now we can reverse the time of age. According to him, his experiment

has been a success i.e. he has managed to take the age back.

This research of Tel Aviv University was also led by Professor Ifrati. A team of

healthy people aged over 64 years was selected by a team of Shamir Medical

Center for this work. These people were kept in a pressurized chamber. These

people were given this pressurized oxygen for one and a half hours daily. This

sequence lasted five days a week for three consecutive months. Seeing the

findings after three months, they have come to the conclusion that all the

people brought under the purview of research have benefited from this.

During this time, the aging process stopped completely, while the real benefit

was that many people have lost their internal structure from the present time

i.e. their age has actually reduced. It is believed that if this research is really

successful, then in the coming days, the medical world will also be able to use

it better in the treatment of many age-related diseases.

Oxygen experiment used two parameters

Scientists had focused their attention on only two subjects under research.

They were constantly studying DNA telomere and age-related body cells

through this. Please tell that telomere is actually the last end of human

chromosome. They act to prevent the recurrence of chromosomes and protect

them from any attack. This telomere continues to thwart such attacks until a

certain age and gets smaller each time. But such funds are not able to do this

work after a certain age. Only after this, the effect of age starts on humans

because the immune system of cells is destroyed. They do not keep themselves

young. Due to their deficiency, many types of age-related diseases also occur.

It is believed that a particular cause of a disease like cancer is the same defect,

which is unable to control the cells that grow in an unaccounted way, which

are the corpus of cancer. In this experiment by Israeli scientists, 35 people

over the age of 64 were included. These people were placed in a specially made

pressurized chamber under Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). The

pressure of oxygen here was so high that even oxygen not used in the breath

continued to enter the body through the pores of the body. This oxygen, which

enters the body through another route, eventually started reaching the body’s


Only this pressure chamber changes the situation

Under this experiment, after every twenty minutes, the people present there

were asked to remove their masks so that their oxygen levels could be brought

back to normal levels. The Chamber’s own oxygen levels were seen changing

when people removed the masks. This change in oxygen levels was also

considered important by the research team because when people removed the

mask, this change was seen to happen. It was understood that due to the

oxygen of pressure, many cells of the body were not only active again due to

this oxygen, but were found to be returning to their former condition. When

the amount of oxygen in the chamber was found to be decreasing, it was

understood that cells were being renewed inside the body as oxygen

consumption increased in the process.

All were found younger by 25 years

During the research, the people brought there also felt a change in themselves,

while their ability to pay attention, understand some information in mind and

conduct it accordingly and speed and efficiency in other bodily functions have

also been seen. Normally, fifty percent of people over sixty years of age have

this capacity reduced. Research has also made it clear that the people involved

were not separated from the provisions of any kind of food or other medicine.

That is, the routine that they followed before being brought into the Chamber

continued in the normal course. After the end of the experiment, on the basis

of age-related parameters, it was assumed that the age potential of all had

returned to around 25 years. But whether the age will be increased by pushing

the age back, it has not been investigated. It is only believed that this method

can increase human activity. But the relationship is related to the death of

Telomore being quite small, it is known. Therefore, it may be that this method

also increases the lifespan of a human being.


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