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Kulhar Chai is now available just near Patna railway station See Video

  • The youth is studying in college by doing this business

  • During Corona lockdown has supported his family

  • Many students like him are fighting this war

Deepak Naurangi

Patna: Kulhar Chai means a different type of tea. Kulhar mean a cup made of

clay but this Kulhar Chai is prepared in a different way. Many of us must have

sipped tea in a small clay pot. But this kulhar Chai is not like that. In this tea

the entire clay cup is also boiled and the tea inside it gives a different taste.

This tea is made in a different way and lately it has become quite popular. So

now it can be said that this tea is also available in Patna city after Rajasthan or


In the video, See the Alone fighter and his Chai making

After drinking this tea, I had a talk with Devananda Gupta outside Patna

station. 21-year-old Devananda himself is the hero of this life battle. He is a

Part 2 student of LBS College, Patna. He started this work with the wisdom to

read on his own. This goes out of the cost of his studies. However, Corona also

wanted to help his family. The young man set up his own tea stall under

Flower Chowk in front of Patna station. He has been supporting his family by

selling this tea since the lockdown. His mother and father are at home. The

family’s is now dependent on Devananda’s shoulders after the home situation

deteriorated for Corona.

His home is near Mahendra in Patna Kumra. He said that Corona lockdown

forced him to borrow twenty thousand rupees from the people to run his own

tea shop. But now more and more people regularly coming to his shop at night

to have tea. So slowly his customer base is growing. If you can give tea in a

good way, one by one people will be able to know about his shop. So

Devananda is very careful about the quality of his tea. So that no one is

dissatisfied with sipping his kulhar chai. Devananda said that he was not doing

this kind of fight alone. About two and a half thousand students known to him

are somehow finding out their own tuition fees. Many of them are also sending

money to their families in this way because all the houses are in the same

condition after the Corona lockdown.

Kulhar Chai maker raised a Question 

Devananda said that he wanted to finish his studies by at earliest. But whether

he can get a job even after finishing his study is the real big question. So it is

better to do something than to stand on your own two feet. However, his

question is where are the jobs, the leaders talk so much about. It is good to say

that it was also a big issue in the recently concluded Bihar Assembly elections.

In fact, Tejaswi Yadav, on behalf of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, said that if he

won the election, he would give ten lakh government jobs in his first file. The

first opposition party laughed at this. But after the first round of voting, the

BJP can understand that there is a price for this. So they hurriedly promised to

earn 19 lakhs employment. Now that Nitish Kumar has become the Chief

Minister, that promise has now become a question for the youth. On the other

hand, the opposition parties have also started pressuring the government to

start its work with the promise of creating 19 lakhs employments at earliest.

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