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Diamonds at hill top forced the villagers to dig the whole Hill

  • This reserve is found in Som district of Nagaland
  • Administration imposed a ban to the mountain
  • The government ordered an inquiry of it
  • This information spread like wild fire
Bhupen Goswami

Guwahati: Diamonds at hill top was the information which went viral. This

was the information, which forced thousand of villagers to run to the Hill.

There was uproar in a village in Nagaland on the matter of being a diamond.

The people of the village have started digging the hill. At first some people

were involved in the excavation but when the rumor of diamond came out, the

whole village got involved in it. The government has ordered an inquiry after

the video of the diamond digging went viral. Teams of the Department of

Geology and Mining will go and investigate on the spot. According to sources,

villagers for Hero, these people had mined atop the hill, the government

immediately stopped it and stopped the movement of people from that hill.

Few Videos were also circulated regarding this

The government has banned the hills from today. As per the government

order, the team along with the video recorder will complete the investigation

on the spot. The department director S Manen has said that the entire matter

will be investigated. He said that an inquiry report will be tried soon. The talk

of getting diamonds on a hill in the village spread like wildfire and a large

number of people reached there and started digging. The department’s

director S Manen has said that the entire matter will be investigated. There is a

charisma of nature in Wanching village of Mon district in Nagaland along the

border of Myanmar. It is being told that there may be a diamond store here,

which can lead to an amazing surprise. Hundreds of villagers started digging a

small hill as soon as the diamond was discovered. This video is going viral on

social media.

Diamonds at hill top were shining stones

The villagers reportedly dug diamond stones from the hill. However, the

quantity and quality of stones found in the area could not be immediately

confirmed. Rupin Sharma, Director General of Nagaland Police in Dayanand

village of Nagaland, who was also the Director General of State Police. Rupin

Sharma told the reporter about the matter on phone that some stones have

been found in the village area. He said that it is not known whether these

stones are diamonds or any other metal. It is under investigation. He said that

the Nagaland Geology and Mining Department is sending a team to study the


It can be confirmed whether these stones are diamonds or any other crystal

metal when the team discovers what they really are. Experts reported that the

“opiolite” rocks Nagaland, which is a part of the Indo-Myanmar ranges.

Possibly it may be a fine diamond. By the way, they are small size. Indications

for the occurrence of micro diamonds have come from their discovery of the

presence of a manganese-bearing mineral in the Opolite rocks studied in the

Pokfur region of Nagaland. The deputies commissioner of the body,

Thavselnan, said that the incident occurred a week ago. Has While working in

the forest, some villagers found crystallized stones, after which others in the

village were told that they were diamonds. However, the authorities have

raised doubts over the villagers’ claim. These are expected quartz crystals.

Scientists expect that they are crystals only or Opolite

Som’s deputy commissioner Thavelasanan said the incident occurred a week

ago when some villagers found some crystals while working in the forest and

speculated that it was actually diamonds. This is why all the discussion took

place. The officer said that it was doubtful that they were diamonds because

the stones that were found were found on the surface.

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